adventures with a puppet named stella.

(about mid-october thru early december, 2013)

sarah's quick + easy (semester-long) steps to creating a muppet-style puppet named stella that is basically your twin + bff by the end of the semester.

step one: create mouth pieces (harder than it looks!).

step two: attach inside of mouth (red felt for a bit of a "realistic" touch).

step three: cut strips out of felt + glue up and around the mouth to make it fitted. then make a beach ball/oval shape with different <> -shaped pieces of thick blue foam.

step four: cut a big hole in the middle of the ball/oval and use LOTS of cement glue/patience (seriously, it's like waiting for glue to dry...literally. patience is huge at this part!!).

and then you have...a puppet head (kind of)!!!

step five: choose, cut + pin skin-colored felt around head.

step six: sew it all together nice + tight and then put a hat on it just in time for the "lip-sync"/midterm portion of the puppetry class...ps i sang "taylor the latte boy". meaning...stella's head sang it. and she got an A, thank you very much (at least i think so). also...puppet-eering is hard. meaning moving your (puppet's) mouth like that for so long to match the words...holy cannoli. major props to people who do that for a living and such!

oh, stella, you were so adorable at that stage...even without eyes, nose, or ears (or hair) ((or a body)) (((but we'll get to that later))).

okay, so she un-hatted herself. and then we may or may not have pulled one long all-nighter together (don't worry mama, it was my only one in college and needless to say, it hasn't happened since, promise!) sewing her whole body together...literally.

i forget what step i'm on and am too lazy to scroll up. :) so just know that at some point you get to go to your favorite local thrift store (thank you, deseret industries!) and pick out your dream outfit...about 10 sizes too small.

stick in a good inspirational movie (that i somehow hadn't seen until this night...what was i thinking?!)

yep. the mother of puppet movies:

i laughed, i cried, it moved me, bob (family inside joke...don't be offended if you don't get it...just keep on scrolling through ;)

then a few million billion too many to count sleep-deprived hours later...you somehow have an identical twin with legs, arms, and a top-knot bun + everything!! just like you've always dreamed!

and her name is stella. and she's got the cutest little feet in the whole wide world (even if they're only made up of hosiery stuffed with fluffy puppet-stuffing stuff called poly fill...still adorable).

and also, one of your bffs (laura!) from the major + class shows up to the final with her identical twin: a total robot.

just kidding. but isn't her puppet the cutest!?! we all got A's on our final - a puppet show (obviously) with our finished puppets. phew. and then the REAL fun began once i brought little miss stella home...

i came home to the above sight after my first long day of taking finals/working at the testing center. scared me half to death (this is the window right next to our front door...basically hilarious/terrifying.

and THIS (below) after my second night...RIGHT up next to the front door right as soon as i opened it. and keep in mind, when you're unlocking your apartment door at like, 11:30pm at night (or later) in the darkness, any kind of personage-shape is simply terrifying. much less something like this.

haha. so the roommates got in on the gag, too. stuffing her in the craziest places, like one roommate (emily's) bed...

"i've been expecting you"?! doesn't get much more creep-status than that.

oh, but don't you worry, it got even better...

lol. and the best for last, i believe i got this photo sent to me via text message when we were just about to leave for winter break...


so winter semester ended, + all us roommates went home for the winter break.

 but don't you worry...stella makes quite a few comebacks in 2013. just you wait. :)

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