stop pollution, 8lbs. of pumpkin + the cutest little avenger you ever did see.

 (november 1st thru november 5th, 2013)

you guys! we made it to november!!...of 2012. but still! progress. i'll be caught up to june 2013 before you know it (;

sometimes you're a theatre education major and get to do really awesome things, like get in small groups + build humongous puppets and then take them outside as a part of an on-campus "political rally." #mymajorisbetterthanyours

this group built a huge politician-type guy, who turned into an officiator of sorts between their other two puppets: a democratic donkey vs republican elephant ballot boxes (think: the red vs. blue boxing guys/toys from toy story 2). this was the first phase of their project:

i know, i know. you don't have to tell me twice. #theatremajorsarethecoolest

slightly less cool (but still cool to us!), my group decided that our political rant would be about pollution and saving our beautiful mother earth. mega cute, right? so we started off with a wooden back support for ours, followed by shaping a huge sheet of foam into a rounded shape, to make our globe 3D (to a certain extent, even though you can't really tell from this angle). check out how cute she looked before we polluted her up!

the big day of the "rally", all of the groups in our class loaded up the huge hfac elevator + headed on outside to brigham square to walk around and yell things at our fellow students let our feelings be heard across campus!

the tree huggers:

our sad little polluted mother earth:

i wish i blogged more often so i could remember the awesome chants i came up with for our rally. oh well. i won the "loudest protester award", just to make my mama proud (you're welcome, mama! :).

just kidding. but i was definitely the most vocal of the group. #noshame #lovebeingatheatremajor

oh! i just remembered one of the chants: "keep her clean! keep her green!" or something like that. and if i didn't use that...i should have.

here's a look at those fighting ballot boxes with the referee/politician:

hurray for democracy, indeed! actually if i'm being honest, i actually just accidentally typed "democrazy" and went back to fix it. #whoopsie #sorrynotsorry

in other (theatre-related) news, this semester i was offered a job helping to devise byu's young company (henry v) workshop for winter 2013! after getting to be a part of young company the year before in the fall (in "the hundred dresses"!!), i was more than excited to help out!

these photos are from our (mine + jenna's [the other girl who was helping out; she was in byu's young company production of "merchant of venice" last winter]) first workshop session with the henry v cast (and our coordinator, julia)! wow #that was a mouthful

i wish i could explain it a bit more, but it'd be even more complicated than the sentence i tried to type before i posted these few photos. so just enjoy the photos and rest assured it was a success. (:

also happened many times: many-a-hangout with my bff kyle. mostly at mcd's because we're fat kids and we love it. #noshame #yetagain

also spent many-a friday morning (eeeeeeeeearly in the morning, like 8am (gross)) watching this little tater tot while his mama (my director that i was an assistant to in servant of two masters) was in production meeting. basically this just made me miss my little nephew in boston 100000x more, but it was fun to lay down on the staircases of the hfac and let people trip over our feet for a few minutes while we had a mini photo shoot. (:

also, i curled my hair once or twice? i think that was the purpose of this photo...not really sure though since it was taken half a year ago #whoopsie #longhairdontcare

no post is complete without froyo, right? i didn't win the "my masterpiece" contest (sorry to disappoint you, mama), but i did eat my weight in froyo...and that's an accomplishment in and of itself, right??


...and then proceeded to eat my weight in sammy's shakes/burgers/fries. because we had a groupon that was something like buy $40 worth of food for only $20?? which was basically awesome and delicious. so we (roommates) did. #delicious

after all that eating, this plate at di that i found really spoke to me...
"every time i hear the word EXERCISE i wash my mouth out with chocolate." hilarious (: #storyofmylife

but instead of chocolate (are you loving how random this post is yet? because it's been pretty random so far), i opted to wash my mouth out with 8.36 lbs of pumpkin puree...because that's how much pumpkin we (katherine...i really can't take any credit for this one at all) was able to get out of just ONE regular-sized pumpkin...!!! holy cannoli. that's a lot of pumpkin.

don't worry, she went on to make many, many pumpkin-flavored treats that she shared with us fellow roommates. so life is good. (:

ps remember how excited i get when CHRISTMAS is near!? it's mostly probably due to the fact that the month of december always consists of:

1. my birthday
2. end of fall term classes
3. finals (aka = finals eventually being OVER!)
4. working lots at the testing center and making lots of $$$$ during finals week
5. christmas break
6. seeing the ENTIRE family (!!)
7. sleeping and eating a lot more than is socially acceptable during the school year
9. new year's eve

so, yeah. around november i usually get kind of pumped up about christmastime when i see this in stores (like jo-ann's):

and then i force kyle + his adorable little sister mady to pose by the bows (with a crown) and pretend that they just won homecoming court #iknowimagreatfriend #youdonthavetotellmetwice

ah. but back to reality. i kept painting! in my scenic painting class. and this was one of my favorites (probably because i didn't mess this one up as badly as some of the others #smallvictories), "fence and sky and bushes". love it.

also...free swiss rolls. at work. made me think of older sister ruth just practically immediately.

and maybe i ate half of the box. #whoopsie #sorrynotsorry

in other other news...i finally finished watching the first three (and at this point in time, the only three) seasons of arrested development...and contemplated what in the world i was going to do with all my time now that the only tv show i ever watched was over...weird. maybe study for finals or something, i guess (just kidding mama!). (:

also...we read (part of?) this book in my "teaching composition" english class one day, and i decided i needed to get it for anna because it was adorable and about different points of view and i loved it. the end.

and just because i can: my nephew + sister + brother-in-law (in no particular order, mind you) were all in ohio (my house) for halloween this year. and my nephew was captain america. #canthandlethecutenessfactor

that's all, folks! til next time...


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