i don't know about you, but i was definitely feeling 22.

so this one time when december 4th, 2012 came rollin' on around, i turned 22. and have never felt so loved before probably in my entire life. my inbox was full of emails from all kinds of different people + companies.

like my dentist for one!

and my gym.

and my favorite ice cream shop! note: ice cream and froyo are two totally different things. that's why it's okay to say that graeter's is my favorite ice cream place + yland is my fave for froyo. deal?

i managed to take a screenshot exactly at noon, so i could pretend i took this at midnight when it was actually officially my brithday. (:

i also started taking screenshots (for memory's sake) of the different people who wished me a happy birthday! like my bff sara,

roommate emily,

amigo from church, griffin...while simultaneously receiving a facebook notification of church friend michael wishing me a happy day, as well...which is the main reason i stopped taking screen shots of the birthday wishes - thanks to really awesome friends who actually remembered my birthday enough to send me a text (or at least saw it was my bday on facebook, and then texted me) + all my fb friends...my phone was buzzing like crazy all day long. add that to the phone calls i received from each of my family members throughout the day, and it was truly a very special day. i've never felt more loved!

AND to top it all off, one of my english professors has the same exact birthday as me, so we had a birthday celebration in class, complete with cake + happy bday napkins (and noisemakers! :)

another extra-special text message...from the mama of my missionary (: since micae + i have known each other (way back when in the fall of 2009 when we first met), we've made a great effort to make each other's bdays extra special, since we're both away from home during the school year (her bday in september, mine in december). this was our first bday year apart since we met, and i loved hearing from her mama wishing me well (: seriously, so much love.

AND THEN (seriously, this day just got better + better!!) roommate katherine made me pumpkin pancakes, with a side of apple juice (and PLENTY of whipped cream)! ah. the love. so so much.

AND THEN OF COURSE (did you really think my bday would be complete without this?)...a trip to yland to top off the evening with my roomies + also my running amigo jon!

yum yum yum yum yum.

oh my gosh and i almost forgot! once we got home, it was PRESENT TIME. thanks to my AMAZING family back in ohio who sent me a handful of delightful presents to make me feel doubly triply quadruple-y extra special. i have the best friends + family in the world, no questions asked!

and to top it all off, a few more email birthday wishes!

in retrospect, i don't think i used any of these offers (except for maybe the redbox one), but it is still nice to get these well wishes from companies who really have no idea who you are, but at least care enough about you to give you special offers on the anniversary of the day you were born. (:

and to top it all off, i took a solo drive up to the provo temple to think over a few things. when i receive my last text message of the day, just before midnight...

from no one other than my favorite church leader, bishop z. (: what a fabulous birthday. thanks again to everyone who made it extra special for me, i am so so blessed to have you all in my life! xox.

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  1. It seems that you have a very iPhone driven birthday. Anyway, the pictures are good.


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