happy to you, ruth!...like, half a year later (give or take) (:

so sometimes i get behind on my blogging...but i am very particular about how i catch up. i.e. if i get to a point where something important (i.e. birthday) happened in the process of my catching up...i HAVE to post about.

because what fun are birthdays without dedicatory posts?! (:

here's to celebrating my #1 favorite cousin, ruth!

just kidding, of course. even if we may not look 100% alike, i'm so happy i get to call this girl my sister. (:

she's been there with me throughout my entire life (you know, like, literally, she's been alive that long). including during special landmark moments in my life...like my first day as a college freshman at byu!

i'm so glad i went out to byu because it meant getting to live close to her and hang out a bunch! like at byu football sporting events (you know, the few we went to ;)!

my sophomore year we really got to hang out a lot more, which i absolutely loved. her birthday is november 30th + mine is december 4th, so it's always been fun kind of sharing the birthday time of year with her. especially when she came over in 2010 so we could have a birthday celebration together for the first time probably since she came out to college!

yes i turned twenty...and she turned twenty-three...plus two (;

she was also mega inspirational in my decision to really start running (and racing!). we ran a coupla 5k races together, mostly in the winter of 2011. how she did those races with a baby stroller, i'll never know. she's a rockstar!

sadly at the end of my sophomore year (technically right before my junior year, since it was at the end of the summer, but i digress), she moved out of utah to go live back home in ohio! we literally just missed each other as my dad + i were driving out to utah and she was flying overhead with her little boy to ohio at the end of august 2011. but c'est la vie, no? we had some awesome times living close together while they lasted!!

i love you so so much, ruth!! hopefully one day we'll live within driving distance from each other again someday (since now you're in boston and i'll be in brazil for the next year + a half...just a few plane flights away, but still ;), but until then... here's to soaking up all the time we have to visit (+ skype, text, and instagram silly photos of) each other!!!

happy birthday ruth!! (:

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