dessert parties + halloween + a little visit from miss micaela jean.

so this one time...i was terrible at updating my blog.



BUT THAT STOPS TODAY! especially considering the fact that i'm leaving the country (to BRAZIL!!) for a year + a half starting july 31st...and i gotta get caught up on this thing before then. (: more to come on that in a later post though, we're still back in OCTOBER (whoopsie hahaha).

ready, go!

i spent a good deal of time working on my final project for my puppetry class...like, all semester long. we were creating our own hand-mouth puppet. like, we're talking a full-blown muppet-like creature here. for real. (and if you don't think puppet-making is intense/hard-work...just try your hand at making one of these. i dare you!)

here i am in the early stages still, just sewing the "skin" (color) onto the head + mouth.

post-sewing (looks like a real head almost with my hat on top, doesn't it?):

my bff from my major cali practically finished hers - look how cute!! she made a dinosaur...so adorable (and of course wore spots that day to match! #ilovetheatremajors :)

in other news...MY BEST FRIEND MICAELA ANDERSON CAME TO VISIT! eeek what a fun time! she was getting ready to leave on her mission trip (to TAIWAN...eek so exciting!!) and so this little lady decided she'd come out to spend a week partying with me and visiting family, etc. before she left. and (per usual) we had a grand old time.

fine dining @ zupa's (where else?):

tomato basil soup with orzo pasta + nuts about berries salad...add in that french bread + chocolate covered strawberry and i am set for life (am i right, mama? :)!

followed by...

honestly, you've missed seeing ridiculous amounts of photos of froyo on this blog, don't lie. #slightlyobsessed

we also may or may not have found that it's slightly hilarious when you think of what it'd be like to replace your best friend's head with a spoon.

i think she pulls it off better than i do, but that's just me. she also happens to pull off the scarf-turned-headband look quite well.

we're so weird. hahaha. and were having so much fun chatting (and eating...yummmm!) that for like, the first time, EVER, neither of us finished our froyo!!! i know, i know, kind of a sin. but it's okay. there's a first time for everything, right?

post-filling ourselves to the brim of our tummies (literally) with some seriously good eats, we headed off to the mall to shop around a bit...of course making the mandatory stop in front of GAMESTOP (can we go mom?? pleeeeeeeeeeeease??)... #familyinsidejoke

and then we bought a mini watermelon, cut it in half, and each ate a full on half. hahahaha. you'd think we were at least 321789321 lbs heavier than we are with how much food we eat when we're together, it's slightly ridiculous. but that's why we're best friends. (:

...and also because we turned our food into puppets. hahaa. clearly i had puppets on the brain and we had a fun like, 10 minutes or so just doing little skits. because we're weird we think we're hilarious and we're okay with that. #bestfriendsforever

here's just a snippet of one we did because we have no shame (+ if you don't get the reference...it's the hunger games bad lip reading video which you can watch below our video...below :) haha it took a few takes to get it down.

our inspiration (skip to :36 if you just want to see our scene):

so close to the original...maybe slightly less creepy. or slightly more? it's awkward dialogue either way, i'll give you that much. hahaha.

anywho, food puppet love (with my beautiful beatles in the background, #yourewelcome)


so basically micae comes to town = eating out at all of our favorite places. like SLAB PIZZA! oh my yum in my tum. did you know their slices are literally the size of a small child? and you get TWO for the price of one slab! not too pricey either, seriously so worth it.

hanging with kyle & co.

my beautiful bestie + me (: #curlsfordays

okay okay okay i know i don't have the hugest hands in the world, but STILL. just ONE of the slices was like, twice the size of my hand. huge. and so, SO yum.

also micae being in town = basically baking all of our favorite treats and inviting half of byu over to come and partake (and say goodbye to micae for 1.5 years!). lets see if i can remember what these were exactly...

banana choc chip muffins

some kind of awesome smores cake (FAVORITE)

caramel + apples...best idea ever (they were gone in like .5 seconds)

BTS cake

puppy chow (for what?! well for the monkeys of course!!)

the smorgasbord of deliciousness:

micae with jace:

kyle & co.

AND THIS HAPPENED WHILE SHE WAS VISITING i'm pretty sure...so crazy. 17 days until she was to report to the mtc...and to think that now she's been out on her mission for almost 7 months!!! oh my gosh so behind on blogging hahahah. i'll get caught up, just gimme time. (:

also...this is what happens with you let your bff share your milk when she's in town.

(if you don't get the above reference, feel free to watch the below vid...unless you already did earlier in this post...then just skip to :29)

also something that finally happened this month (click below to make it bigger):

...my answer was obviously (and finally) YES!


SO so stoked!!! my application to serve a mission (on my part) was finally COMPLETE!! wheeeeeeeee! and i found the perfect way to celebrate:

by joining yogurtland's You Rule Club! #itsofficial

they may or may not have asked this question...and i may or may not have chosen the very first option (and been 100% truthful in doing so). #sorrynotsorry

wheeeeeeeeee! well, as i mentioned in my last blog post (you know, the one i did like ten years ago?), i ran the provo halloween half marathon, and that gave me an easy-in to the world's most awesome (and fitting) halloween costume. even better than last year's dora the explorer. also, enjoy our living room mirror which is all i had to take a full-body shot in...we have written on there "you are beautiful" in probably about 73 different languages...every new person that comes over and knows a new language that we don't already have up there gets to write it on there. we have lots of bilingual friends. #ilovereturnedmissionaries

so naturally, being from dublin, ohio and growing up (in high school) living just five/ten minutes from the nearest chipotle, i fell quite a bit in love with the fact that EVERY halloween you got a free (!!) burrito if you came in dressed in any kind of aluminum foil wrapping (like a burrito...get it?). this year, they made it so all you had to do was come in wearing a halloween costume, and you got a burrito (for a $1). what a steal! heaven knows i just HAD TO GO...but the closest chipotle from provo is like, 45 minutes away. #lame

so...i did what any smart girl would do (whose hair was way too tall to be able to safely drive her own car...seriously, you try driving a '99 saturn xl with 12-inch tall hair, i dare you)...

and make one of your good friends drive you all the way there in your little car so you can recline your seat back a bit while you sit in the passenger seat (which is a very weird thing to do when you're in your own car, in case you've never experienced that) so your hair stays perfectly in place until you arrive. (: #thanksdavid!

i was so happy. happy as a TOAD (you're welcome, dk!)

ps (in case you hadn't gotten enough of the vids yet this post), older sister ruth sent this to me and it may have been the cutest thing i've ever seen. also, my nephew's cuter than yours #touchdown!

also definitely noteworthy: my #1 mama may or may not have sent me a package of my favorite (demon!?) treats in a halloween package just a few days before this photo was taken #bestmamaever

130 pieces of the BEST halloween candy...

ALL GONE within literally just two of my theatre classes. hahhahaha. theatre kids definitely have a sweet tooth (: #caringissharing thanks mama!!!

also...checking the nutrition facts for things is something i always find entertaining. not to calorie count, or find out what the world thinks is a reasonable serving size (#joke), but instead to see little gems like this...finding out that whoppers are measured in "tubes". hahahaha.

another thing that happened that i can check-off my bucket list: being featured on the provo halloween half marathon facebook page for the photo i shared on their wall!! especially when you get comments from random people about how legit your hair was...and how it stayed perfectly in place for an entire 13.1 mile run, thank you very much (:

also...fall started!! as seen by this little leaf here...autumn is my FAVORITE SEASON, seriously. why else would i have taken a picture of a random leaf and felt the need to share it on my blog?

okay the rest of these photos really are just totally random, but all occurred within the same time frame of the end of october. take a deep breath and...here goes:

bought three pairs of shoes for less than like $20 (thanks, plato's!) (even if i ended up returning the black sandals, i still love the other two pairs :)

went to my first-ever returned missionary fireside and made a new friend! even though i wasn't technically a RM yet...but duty calls and it was a fab fireside nonetheless (and they didn't even kick me out! :)

seen on byu campus... #torn #yikes #getouttahere

went to a little cast part for the mask club show i was in, "almost, maine". and a few of the kiddos ended up in the dog pen if you get what i'm sayin...

ALSO, KAZOOS. because we had callbacks for servant of two masters (the show i assistant directed, oh my goodness that seems like FOREVER ago already!) #bestshowever

life rule: i only park my bike on campus next to equally beautiful bikes (little red is hiding behind this green/blue/yellow beauty).

award for the most awkward halloween baby costume goes to...!

oh. i painted some more. (: wooden cabinet right here on a scenic flat #likeaboss

learned the 10 runner's commandments (that couldn't be more true)

and got dinner with bff kyle! this was the day that i took micae back to the airport and we witnessed a truck flipping over itself (literally) and had to swerve to get out of the way across like 5 lanes of traffic at 5am in the pitch blackness in the rain...talk about terrifying. he was kind enough to take me out to dinner (breakfast!) for some feel good food since it was a bit of a rough day, to say the least.

and he wrote this on my placemat: it says something in chinese that's kind, even if i'm not 100% sure what it says haha (:

breakfast for dinner: for champions. YUM.

also in case the world was wondering...us kron kids are TOTALLY officially justified for our cereal consumption. breakfast of champions (for real). #win

...just maybe not the lucky charms + cocoa puffs we always ate as kids (;

in closing, i just want you to know how awesome my major is. because you get emails like this that are witty and offering you a free (awesome and world's most comfortable) tshirt. #doublewin #doubleprizes

phew. i love my life. i am so blessed.

on to the next post! (:

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