cedar city, little A!, + saying goodbye to your best friend for 3 years.

(november 6th thru november 12th, 2012)

lalalaaa. early mid-november found me heading down to the depths of the land called "cedar city" to see a well-known show that i had never yet seen, "the last five years". and lemme tell ya, it deserved something like five stars. love little theatre productions that are just plain incredible.

the fab crew i drove down with (from l-r): phil, taylor, kyle + shani.

the show (which only has two roles, a male + a female...and did i mention it's non-stop singing from start to finish? #breathtaking #literally) featured this pretty girl right here, one of taylor, shani + kyle's good friends, mackenzie! she's got quite the voice + acting chops to match. you'll probably be seeing her on the broadway some day #countit

phil + kyle being pensive.

fun crew (: 

whee! post-show, (we drove down on a friday), we realized the weather was probably a little bit too crazy to make the trek through the snowy mountains in taylor's tiny little compact car that we had driven down in...so we opted to crash for the night at a friend's (one of kyle + shani + taylor's friends) house (who was a part of the production of the show). equally fabulous person, SO kind to let us all crash in his living room and watch mean girls and wear his excess comfy clothes and (eventually) fall asleep for the night until morning.

yeesh. good thing back in provo it wasn't AS crazy:

compared to what we saw on the way home (at the gas station):

so much snow!! (and no mama, this is not me - it's shani :)

shani + i posing by the (apparently) infamous moose outside this gas station before we hit the road. i'm not sure i'd even been in so much snow in my life #basicallyawesome

love love love the snow. and also love the provo temple, in case you were wondering (also, we made it back alive, in case you were worried).

and sometimes when you don't have the luxury of enjoying bob evan's perfectionary hot chocolate (boo not having any past the midwest), you stop in to your favorite neighborhood denny's to get a nice, warm mug of the (second) best hot chocolate in the country.

...because heaven knows it's far too cold outside to even consider doing anything else.

also delicious (even if its not very nutritious) on a cold wintry day: a warm slice of apple pie, heated up and hand-delivered to you with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, courtesy of (and deliciously baked by) your favorite roommate, katherine (:

DOUBLE ALSO (sorry this is so random, this is just the order my photos were in on my computer, okay? #gowithit)...signs of CHRISTMAS were near on campus!!! i may have gotten a little too excited after seeing these signs outside of studio a in the tunnel of the hfac.

but since i knew christmas was still a ways off (we haven't even hit thanksgiving yet you guys, #calmdown), i decided to focus on more important things. like taking photos of foods that eerily closely resemble the name of your oldest sister's cat #ohhellokevingarnett

but maybe your sister's cat was on your mind...because THIS was coming up so quickly!!! 

and, wouldn't you know...little A came around to say hello!

and to tell us...that she is a...

!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED to finally meet my first/new niece! again another sad reminder that i am so behind on my blogging...considering she is now two months old (post-being in the womb). #whoopsie

BUT! we are currently on our way to boston so i can meet her for the first time!!! but more on that in like, 43782 more posts. it's technically only november 2012 still, remember? (;

oh november november. the month i lost my best friend...

JUST KIDDING! only a "see ya later" for like, 3 years. no big deal. (:

i had the privilege of being my bff micaela's missionary companion for a day, picking her up at the airport (the night of the presidential election...there may or may not have been a little bit of contention that night as our house was divided by who won...but i digress), and then out to lunch + dropping her off at the mtc the next day!

taiwan is SO LUCKY. eek!

#thatawkwardmoment when the guy taking your photo gets his finger over the lens... #whoopsie

last bff photo until i get back from MY mission in january/february 2015! eeeeeek!

the church is true. SO proud of my best friend!!!

godspeed sister! (: to learn more about the mormon church, just click here: mormon
+ to learn more about mormon missionaries, click here: mormon missionaries

wheeeeee! bff missionary collage (:

i took a screen-shot of my phone after i got back in my car post-dropping her off...so crazy!!! see you in three (ish), sister!

it's a good thing the church is true. otherwise i wouldn't be okay with seeing my best friend leave to dedicate her life to missionary service for 18 months of her life in taipei, taiwan. (: #ilovebeingamormon


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