(almost) christmas, a rellaford wedding, + turkey day.

(november 19th thru november 30th, 2012)

you guys. remember that one time it was ALMOST CHRISTMAS!? meaning technically speaking at this exact moment in time, it's halfway to Christmas (happy june 25th!!). but in accordance with when this post really should have been written way back when i took the below photos...it was like, only a month away!

i love it when the hfac (my building on campus - the theatre/music/art building) gets all dressed up for CHRISTMAS. eek! makes it seem like that much closer til i get to go home and have Christmas with my family, complete with stockings filled with goodies, presents to unwrap, Christmas lights to gaze at + especially getting to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas, the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, with the people who mean the most to me. (:

so pretty!! love it.

but since it wasn't QUITE YET CHRISTMAS, i had to find other things to love in the meantime. like a gallon of apple juice that was "extra" after our ward activity one monday night that everyone opted to let me take home with me...#bestdayever.


in other news - i started using snapchat, which basically is just me taking a photo + adding any caption i'd like + sending it to any of my friends, where it'll last anywhere from 1-10 seconds long, then be gone forever.

clearly i was using it for good reasons. (;

oh! YUM. i drove reesa + jeff (favorite married couple) (next to family, of course) to the airport one night + they surprised me with these delicious muffins that reesa made. i think they were pumpkin-something muffins? i don't really remember. but i DO remember they were delicious. and that's the only part that really matters, if we're being honest.

okay there's always a stream of photos in the middle of my blogposts where it's just totally random...which is this next little while. so bear with me!

just loved walking through the grocery store + seeing what was probably my favorite thing to play with as a kid in our little playskool brand kitchen in the basement with my sisters - the velcro sandwich pieces. love it.

my older sister ruth sent this to me, i think as she was cleaning out stuff to help redecorate dad's office or something along those lines. an old letter? book? that anna (other older sister) had written about me. gogogogodog, indeed. and for the record, things have changed. i ALWAYS want to eat food now.

my drives to the post office were always fun, because as i walk out of the building after sending something off, i get a chance to take a first-hand look at the provo city center temple that they're working on constructing. such a sight to see. here's to hoping maybe it'll be finished by the time i come back to byu in 2015!

and, as always, the bestie + i left millions of voicemails back + forth to each other, catching each other up on our lives (since we never had time to talk to each other at the same time (go figure), so we had to resort to leaving a million 3 minute-long voicemails back + forth. love it.

AH. okay you guys this is so so great. i get an email a day from this website 1000 Awesome Things. and they basically just send you one thing each day that is just a reminder of something in life that is just plain AWESOME (check it out, you won't regret it! most of them are totally hilarious but 100% true. love it).

one day, i just so happened to get THIS one in my inbox:

right around the same time i got THIS in the mail:

eeek! baby photos of my baby niece!! okay okay so she wasn't exactly born yet, but i loved getting my own copies of little annabelle's ultrasounds. so cute. although clearly all ruth had to put it in was a shopping list of sorts, but that's okay. the photos are what count. (:


more MISSIONARY letters from my bff in taiwan!!...who was still in the mtc in provo! but that's okay. it still said TAIWAN somewhere on the address label (;

just love getting letters from my missionary bff (:

AND (to top off the hand-writing experience!), i am by NO means an artist when it comes to drawing things. but this one time i was writing my missionary bff a card and decided to draw a little picture for her, so i looked up a caricature of mitt romney and his romney/ryan slogan and drew those, totally free-handed. maybe i could be a political cartooner sometime in the future, if being a theatre teacher doesn't work out?? can't say the same for the other drawings i made...those are just chicken scratches like usual (;

ps if ^^that^^ little picture i drew doesn't make any sense to you, please do yourself a favor and watch the video below. "bad lip reading" videos are basically this group of people who watch more serious videos (like of the presidential debate) and look at the ways the people in the vids move their mouths...and then do voice-overs with what it TOTALLY looks like the people could actually be saying. even though it is TOTALLY obviously incorrect. which basically = hilarious. just watch + enjoy for yourself:

you're welcome. (:

also...more bffs leaving on missions! i had the chance to get breakfast with leah, the girl who played opposite me in "the hundred dresses" a year previous. we were the two lead characters (i was wanda, she was maddie). and we ended up bffs in the end. just like in real life (:

so excited for her to be a missionary in JAPAN! eeeeeek!

also. weddings. are so fun. but receptions are even more fun sometimes. double especially when they're hungarian-themed and the guy getting married is your old childhood bff's older brother (matthew rellaford)!

he + his hungarian wife did so many different traditional things at the wedding (for hungarians). like the money toss - where basically everyone just threw money at the couple (literally, we were told on the invitation i believe to bring coins for this very purpose!).

they had to run around and try to sweep it up together, as other people were allowed to get up and try and kick the coins away from them. hilarious. and awesome.

from what i recall, it is supposed to signify the couple's ability + dedication to working together, even when times get rough in their marriage. it was awesome. and a really fun way to earn some money, right? (:

they also said a few words (bride + groom, + others, of course!)...

and deb + i had a jolly good time (:

plus, the food was AWESOME. i felt bad for deb because there were so many different bread-type products...and they were delicious. but since she has a gluten allergy and all that...we found other things we could both enjoy. like this hedgehog.

made with meatballs + a loaf of bread + a pear.

basically. awesome. i love hungarian weddings! especially when i can reunite with an old bff like daniel rellaford (:

deb + i in the shining lights in the hallway.

and also...we learned that i can't really park by pulling in forwards. this is proof to everyone that doesn't believe me when i say that it is SO MUCH EASIER for me to park backing into a spot. because clearly, when i pull forward (the "normal" way) into a spot, not only do i hug one side of the white lines, but i also leave enough space for a human being to fit between my car + the curb. #embarrassing

but on to our next adventure! we headed to wal-mart to get a few essentials post-recption, and found my pillow!

just kidding. i love my own pillow at home too much already (plus the guy on the side of the advertisement for the product totally creeped us out...which is the real reason this photo was taken).

ps...can you even guess the excitement i felt when i saw the below sign on our way out the door?!


oh. and the dark knight rises. on dvd!! and blu-ray!! but no one got it for me. so that's not as exciting. #sadface #maybenextyear

okay okay okay. so because deb was such a champ at going to the wedding reception + shopping with me, we dined on some gluten-free pizza at brick oven on our way (eventually) back to the apartment for the night.

yum. and guess what was even MORE yum pretty shortly after this day...!?


my first pie ever made from scratch! wahooooo! and it was delicious, to boot!

and why might you ask was i making an apple pie (from scratch)...?!

BECAUSE IT WAS THANKSGIVING. of course! #iloveturkeyday #favoriteholiday #forthefoodatleast

man oh man. i am going to miss the next two thanksgivings something fierce being out of the good ol' USofA. this is my favorite meal, every year. hands DOWN. all my favorites on one plate. i was lucky enough to get to dine at our bishop's (the zachrison's) house for thanksgiving this year, helping out + enjoying the company of a handful of kiddos from our ward (church group). it was a stellar time had by all. as you can see from that smile on my face!

ah. happy girl. because who can't be happy when it's turkey day!? or when your sister and nephew make indian hats to celebrate and then send you a photo to make you extra jealous of that very fact?!

ah. i love turkey day. the day when your extra super-sized turkey balloons can fly high in the sky as you walk outside of the grocery store.

and also...BECAUSE THANKSGIVING MEANS IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS. obviously! which means extra yummy flavors at yogurtland...hence the "yuletide yumminess." #ilovetheholidays

remember that one time yland was having like a dj/music/party night?

and i showed up and didn't really care about the party or even cared to find out what the cause for celebration was...because i was a little too distracted by 4 of my favorite chocolate-y flavors being all lined up (chocolate twilight, peppermint hot cocoa, brownie batter, + s'mores). it doesn't get much better than that, ladies + gents.

especially when  you get to enjoy it with one of your bffs emily!! i just realized this is probably the first time em's been featured on the blog, because thanksgiving break was the first time we officially hung out and became friends. i love this girl x infinity. and you'll see more photos of her to come from the past year at school. (:

there's nothing like the bond between a college girl + her froyo.

that's true love, right there.


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