5k's, kat's 22nd birthday, + (pre-mission!) shots shots shots.

(november 13th thru november 18th, 2012)

oooookay. whee! halfway through november. let's go!

deb + i found out about this awesome TOTALLY FREE 5K...where you even got a free cute tshirt if you ran! AND (added bonus) it was all around byu campus...talk about awesome. so we both signed up...but then the night before i was up a bit too late and opted to sleep in since i had a busy day or something important that day so my extra sleep was clearly a necessity? sure we'll go with that. it's hard to remember all the reasonings behind your actions when you're blogging 7 months after the photos were taken, okay?

anyway. moral of the story: deb ran + ROCKED IT!

...and then was too cool for us because we got there just BARELY in time to cheer her across the finish!

just kidding. she loves us. roommate katherine + deb + i posing with HAPPY BIRTHDAY balloons!!...from katherine's birthday. but still good for celebrating anything, right? #multipurposeballoons

and posing by the race sign was a must. of course. totally regretting not running because the shirt was pretty cute. and for an amazing cause, too!! spreading awareness about domestic violence, if i do recall correctly.

whee! so we all zipped on home post-race and prettied ourselves up to celebrate roommate katherine's 22nd birthday!! wahooooo! we were all happy to head on over to station 22 (for the first time for all of us roommates, i believe) to celebrate!

they had the cutest little bottled drinks. the whole restaurant was very antique-y and adorable.

and then the food (a little pricer than most restaurants we were used to, but totally worth it once we took a bite of our food!)...

in one word, YUM. + sorry i my 7-month old memories aren't coming back to me about what these different dishes were, so i'll make up some creative names instead for what they look like they could have been. deal?

kat's beefy dinosaur burger:

debbie's arugula + espoused spinach salad:

...with a side of extra-flattened potato slices.

whit's ceasar-iffic anchovie-infested (in a good way!) salad:

and emily's copy-cat(-ted?) whitney salad:

WAIT. i remember this moment perfectly. when i tried chicken-and-waffles for the first time in my ever life. it was a glorious moment. yum yum yum in my tum tum tum. mm. fried chicken + waffles + maple syrup + bacon on top...don't knock it til you try it. trust me.

SO. much. yum!

seriously. i mean, seriously.

all the roomies post-din (minus tess, the missing roomate):

and taking model shots outside post-din thanks to the psycho crazy provo wind. ps whit's looking like a model, nothing new.

wheeee! fast-forward to a little bit later (i think a few days later? maybe the same night? my memory isn't serving me very well, #sorryaboutthat), to kat's official bday celebration!! complete with..

that's right. the most DELICIOUS cake i have ever made in my life, easily. if only i could remember what kind it was...i just remember how incredible it was. she requested it, i baked it, we all ate it. and it. was. diVINE. (:

"i don't know about you, but i'm feeling...(#22)!"

wheee!! happy birthday pretty roommate kat (: you know...seven months late #betterlatethanneverright?

ah, yes. back to school. and my never-ending experimentation with hairstyles. and that one day when the dramaturg for the show you're assistant directing (servant of two masters!!) comes to school with the EXACT SAME HAIRSTYLE AS YOU...the ONE time in your life you have it. hilarious. love janine (:

wheeeeeeee! ps sometimes i went shopping at smith's mega late at night. and found this huge stackable pile of hot chocolate containers. maybe i only loved it so much because i know that i'd never be able to stack something that high without at least like, three different ladders. or maybe because it was hot chocolate. or both.

ah! blood drive!! i thought a handful of times this semester that i would FINALLY man up and donate blood for my first-time EVER! did i!??!...stay tuned until next year...you'll see (:

but one thing that most definitely DID happen!?

yessssir! getting letters from my BFF ALL THE WAY from TAIWAN!! and please excuse the beards on the envelope. they're placed there to protect the innocent. aka i couldn't figure out how to blur out the addresses. so thanks to picasa for letting me edit extra-manly beards on there instead. #justgowithit

slash okay. so she was just in the MTC, not taiwan yet. but i was still excited to start getting mail from her! for one huge reason in particular...

eeeeeeeek! yep. i was getting my immunizations all caught up myself so that i could turn in my paperwork to join her as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! (:

i was great. patient. + a great patient. (;

so happy to get shotssssssssss! mama knows all too well that i didn't used to have a smile of my face anytime i had to get a shot...hahaha (:

showing off my missionary muscles! until next post...! (:


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