a musical, mountain summit-ing, + cousin-filled conference weekend.

slowly, but surely, i'm finally getting caught up on this whole blogging ordeal. before we know it, it'll be caught up through february!...or at least last november. everything in it's own time, right? (:

so like i mentioned in my last post, october was nothing short of action-packed. but it continues on in the weekend that was general conference! so so much happened, just in this weekend alone. here we go!

friday night was so, so much fun. i got to support a handful of my fellow cast members from when i was in almost, maine back in september at another production they had been working on simultaneously - little shop of horrors at the scera!

love this musical. the music is just too, too great. i mean, seriously - "feed me", "suddenly seymour", + "the meek shall inherit"...all SO, so great. + catchy!

"suddenly seymour" is definitely my favorite...+ if you're curious as to why, just click below to listen to the original b'way recording:

before the show got started, those of us who weren't in this particular production (taylor, beth + i) enjoyed watching from above...and having a little mini photo shoot before the show got started (;

...and then i pretended to be a vampire for this last one. gotta remember to turn the flash off next time i ask a stranger to snap a photo, whoopsie.

the show was so, so fab. just love seeing my amazingly talented friends create such amazing theatre!

(: love these weirdos.

once the show was over, i had to duck out right quick in order to zip on back to my apartment to finish packing...before heading over to a friend's house from church, hopping back in a car, + heading off on a night hike!

a bunch of us from church decided we'd hike the trail up to the top of Y mountain...like, literally to the top of the mountain, not just to the top of the white "Y" like most people do. because, obviously, we're wayyy more hardcore than that, right?! if you look at the photo below (taken a totally different day), you can see the Y up on the mountain...so we hiked up to the top of that. and then took a route directly up + south of the Y (directly up + to the right of the Y from this photo's perspective) in between the two mountains. then we continued to hike all the way up + through that until we got to what is called the "meadow", where we set up camp for the night, all our tents + sleeping bags cozy around the campfire (even though we still froze pretty well overnight, whoopsie!).

after a cold night's sleep, we woke up early(ish), around 7am and filled ourselves with breakfast while cozying back up by the campfire. someone had brought up an old-school radio (extra mega-long antenna + all!) so that we could listen to the first session of general conference all the way up in the mountains, away from the world. what a beautiful idea. i'm so glad i came along. (:
all of us at the meadow camping site once we had all arrived, about a 2-hour hike from the base of the mountain where we parked.

however, we hadn't yet summit-ed the mountain! we were told that if we were to keep hiking (almost a straight incline UPwards) for another 30-45 minutes, we would literally get to the tip top of the mountain! however, many of us were cold + perfectly content to stay by the campfire to be warm, as we had already hiked quite a bit more than is typical of Y mountain. plus, others we were worried about not being back in time for the broadcast of conference to start at 10am...so a small group (myself included) headed off to the mountain top while everyone else stayed campfire-side.

naturally, it didn't take long for me to fall behind the crowd, telling them i'd just catch up with them later, as i went crazy taking photos of all the gorgeous trees + colors + scenery all around me (as always, click any of these to make them bigger. trust me. tooootally worth it).

(also needless to say, it didn't take long for me to realize i probably wouldn't ever catch up with them...and i was actually totally okay with that.

 being in nature is probably one of my favorite things, ever. and summit-ing a mountain is something i definitely want to do more than once in my life. especially after the incredible views i got once i made it to the top.

((cutest dandelion award goes to this little guy below))

helloooo, reasons why autumn is my favorite season #3278:

those reds!

and (are you ready for this?) last, but certainly not least, my view...from the top.
beautiful provo.

utah lake in the distance.

looking behind myself: lots of pretty reds i just couldn't get enough of.

(in case you doubted i came all the way up here...my shadow can prove my existence :)

seriously, though. if you doubt the bliss that is summit-ing a mountain, go summit one right now. hiking is a beautiful thing.

ah. you guys. i could not get over how pretty + peaceful it was up there! in case you can't tell from my photo overload here...love love love it.

i couldn't get over how beautiful, peaceful, silent, and wonderful this view/experience was. man, oh man. + just in case you don't believe me when i say i was up there solo, enjoy the video i took below. you can turn your sound up all the way + hear it...the sound of silence (and i promise it's not just on mute).

peace signs = peaceful.
+ just in case you still doubted i was really on top of that mountain, here i am! in full super-crazy-sunny-squinty-eyed glory:

here's a bit of the story of how i got up there (+ a little description of some of the buildings + things you can see down below!):

before long, however, i realized it was already past 10am (the time that the broadcast for general conference was starting, whoopsie), so i took one last look out into the valley of the beautiful city that i live in, said goodbye (maybe even sang a song or two while i was up there...i was by myself, after all + singing literally on a mountain top with no one else around is not an experience i'll soon forget :), + headed on back down the trail to the camp site.
beautiful provo, utah.

still can't get over these beautiful reds.

part of the trailhead leading back to camp.
did i mention how perfectly blue the sky was that day, too?
i should probably also mention that it didn't take long for my friends back at camp to realize that i was the only one who hadn't yet made it back from the hike up the mountain...so a rescue team of dave brodegard + scott crunkleton was sent up to save me from dangling off the side of the mountain somewhere (just kidding, mom, don't worry :)...

we ended up meeting up about halfway back to camp, and (naturally), i still couldn't stop taking photos of every little bit of scenery that looked pretty to me (which pretty much = everything i saw).
my rescue team leading the way back to camp.

eventually we all made it back to the camp site, safe + sound. i had heard of the missionary announcement already by the time i had met up with the boys, simply because best friend micaela had already texted me the news while i was on the mountain top (: but still mega exciting, no less!!

we enjoyed many-a-s'mores + snuggling by the campfire for the following 2 hours that the conference continued on.

after the session ended and my notebook was filled with notes, thoughts, inspiration + marshmallow smudges, we packed up camp + started our trek all too soon, back down the mountain!

and, lemme tell ya, the trip back down was way cooler during the day than at night. if just for the sights alone.

ahhh. this sea of red!! this is probably my favorite photo from the entire weekend. just ignore the fact that my yoga mat is about to fall out of my backpack about .2 seconds after this photo was taken. (:

the view from the middle of the two mountains, looking down on provo.

my mega excited "i climbed a mountain today!" face. (:

wheeee! although twisting my ankle a wee bit (ouch) about 10 minutes into our hike down the mountain slowed us down a bit, we ended up making it back relatively safe + sound...and smelly + sweaty, too, i presume. but we'll ignore that fact for the time being and just rest assured it was a fab time overall with some equally fab friends. (:


we made it back just barely in time for the second session of conference to start at 2pm, so i crashed on the living room floor to watch that with the roomies. then once 4pm rolled around (lucky for my roommates), i finally got up off the floor + went to take a shower. (: but not until i documented how crazy muddy + wet that hike was...! totally worth it though, no worries. (:

saturday afternoon turned quickly into evening + night, when i promptly went to bed and enjoyed a good night's sleep...before waking up bright + early to head to salt lake city to attend the first session of conference sunday morning with bff elliot!

waiting outside for them to open the doors...just a little bit chilly outside.
the conference center

we got there with plenty of time to find some quality seats in our section, + walk around for a bit before the session began.

how beautiful is that organ, hm? (:

it was a fabulous session of conference, as always. sunday mornings are probably my favorite sessions to watch. check out some of the highlights from conference here:

just love conference weekend. + it just kept getting better + better!

...because THIS happened, obviously! but (because we all know that it takes a special occasion for me to justify getting some cafe rio), i'll let you in on a little secret...

it was all because my prima (cousin) liesen came to visit! she came in town from ohio for general conference/a mission reunion, and ended up staying at my apartment sunday + monday nights. we celebrated our reunion by getting some cafe rio (pantrucas was closed...boo) + of couuuurse as soon as i heard that this little lady had never tried yogurtland, i knew we had to get some in her system, ASAP.

my gorgeous prima!

me in my element.

the night + weekend ended all too quickly, with liesen + i talking deep into the evening...until i realized that i had a ton of homework to finish up for the next day. whoopsie (: so as we were spending some quality time sitting on the couch next to each other, i took it upon myself to get some homework done while she took it upon herself to be the incredible artist that she is + draw a portrait of yours truly.

liesen in her element.

first things first, would you believe me if i told you that liesen's never taken any formal art classes/lessons in her life (because that's true)? + then would you also believe me if i told you that this little drawing took her just over an hour to do, start-to-finish (because, you guessed it, that's true, too)?


moral of the story: some people just have a gift for things like this. like liesen. my cousin. (: so proud.

i said goodbye to my favorite artista cousin early the next morning, and another new week began. (:

next post: recap of the provo halloween half marathon, cindy lou who costume-contest-winning, sub-2 half marathon + all! get excited. (:


  1. Liesen's drawing proves that you are a poopsie poo.

    What a wonderful (and overwhelmingly thorough) blogger you are!



  2. Great blog - I'm follow!

    Greetings from Switzerland:)



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