byu theatre, brigham city, + the beatles.

once upon a time i am the world's worst blogger.

today, that is going to change.

...starting with my recap catching-ups, circa last september (2012).

actually...this is my entire catch-up for the month of september. via photos. enjoy!

once upon a time i was in a puppetry class. we learned a lot about different puppets and then started work on our own big mouth puppets - like the ones shown below!

i also was mega busy all of september as an assistant stage manager for byu's (theatre) production of "a second birth", a new play by ariel mitchell (a student). but it was a main-stage production, so it was mega cool! a sometimes-stressful experience but mega fun working with beau brewster - my co-assistant-stage-manager-bff-friend-from-my-major (:

george nelson (director, + one of my favorite professors, ever) talking to the cast post-rehearsal one night:

hoda (mama) + yasir (love interest...for the mama's daughter :)

i also officially met anna's bff graham - who served in the same mission (and was companions with!) my bff elliot. small world, right?? he was working on "a second birth", too! small, small world indeed.

many-a-late night was spent in the hfac (harris fine arts center - aka the building on campus that i live in/with all the theatres/theatre classrooms in it) this month...which led to finding many interesting things (usually cleaning-related) in the elevators and empty hallways.

also! (wow september was crazy, haha. funny how you can notice these things looking back :) i was in a show - a "mask club" performance (40-minute cutting of a play) of "almost, maine". i played "ginette" from the prologue/epilogue, and "gayle" from the "bags of love" scene. loved them both! mostly because i got to work with such a rock-star cast. (:

emily (anna's real bff) was nice enough to come see me perform at one of the showings!! she's amazing. thanks em (:

another exciting thing that happened in september was that the lds brigham city utah temple was dedicated, and my roommates and i got to attend the open house together, the week before the dedication. that was an awesome experience i won't soon forget!

seriously, so gorgeous. looks like a castle.

roommates: emily, whitney, tess.

roommates debbie, me, katherine.

we got to watch a little video before heading on our tour through the temple. it was wonderful.

and there were free refreshments (cookies! water! other goodies!) after the tour was completed. they were adamant about making sure we didn't trail our crumbs behind us all hansel-and-gretel-style on our way out of the refreshment room, though...

ps look at this pretty mural that a bunch of children made! love this.

seriously. SO. gorgeous. unbelievable. the church is true. click here to find out more. (:

love my roommates. (:

also, directly across the street from where the above photo was taken, this beautiful building was on display:

yep! the historic (and gorgeous) box elder tabernacle. i love this photo below. beautiful roommates + beautiful buildings + beautiful skies = best photos ever.

inside the tabernacle:

across the street now, looking from the tabernacle to the temple:

ahh. the church is true, ladies and gents. (:

ps: love my roommates. did i mention that?

also among the happenings of the month of september (brace yourself for randomness 2.0):

finding random photos of my four favorite boys in random yummy eateries.

receiving the best care package of my ever life from my #1 favorite mama, including: two loaves of my favorite pumpkin bread (of which i totally just remembered i still have one in the freezer, YES.), the very sweatshirt i am wearing as i now type this, of my little brother's marching band show for the fall (that's kind of crazy ironic), a beautiful card filled with joy + love (in word form), + my new favorite tshirt...also with my favorite boys displayed thereon. (: thanks again, mama!!

a close-up of my (arguably) favorite part of the package:

making a delicious homemade pizza with a fun group of friends with the most delicious mutant pepper as one of our many toppings.

coping with being so far away from my best friend...by leaving each other millions of voicemails every so often. hilarious.

also found on my way out of the hfac last one night: fire hyrants that come to life.

i went to get all-new tires on my car (thanks, daddy!) and of all of the four people i saw while i was sitting in the waiting room...andrea, one of my three roommates from my sophomore year. coincidences, i tell ya!

remember that sweatshirt that i got in that care package from the mama? and how i'm wearing that very same sweatshirt right now? and how i'm laughing now typing this because for some reason i have a photo here of myself wearing it...? love marching band. xox.

oh. also, i went on a wee bit of a braiding craze. as seen in the above picture (typical braid), and showcased below of the night i decided (on a whim) to try out this "fishtail braid" that i had seen at least 43829 girls parading about in the past week. and i kind of fell in love. just call me #43830...

oh. i remembered how adorable + perfect my nephew is. and you can take a look at his shirt in case you're curious how he got to be SO dang cute. (;

even adorable when eating muffins.

...and when totally comatose-style asleep.

wheeee. september also = many-a-trip to my favorite yogurtland... with my favorite freshman year roommate, macey, of course!

(i also was pretty bun-obsessed most of september. that's hilarious to look back on, too. :)

it really does make me laugh when people ask me if yogurtland sponsors me or gives me free yogurt in return for free advertising (if you've seen my instagram, you'd understand)...the answer is no. but hey yland, if you're reading this and decide you'd like to take me up on that offer...we can talk. i'm open to negotiating. (;

and that, ladies and gentlemen is my life from september. just add in some more socializing, church activities, and a little bit of running + sleeping on the side, and that's pretty much the extent of it!

stay tuned for tomorrow's post: OCTOBER.

wheeee. (:

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  1. Did you go to school in September?

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