miss micaela jean, birthday queen

my best friend's birthday was awhile back, in september. on the twenty-seventh, to be exact! she's in the missionary training center getting ready to serve a mission in TAIWAN for the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints for 18 months! i miss her a lot but am mega proud of her. so here's to you, micae!

my #1 partner in crime freshman year (slash always) as a team mama to our boys as they played (and lost, but we loved them no less!) flag football + basketball that year.

the girl who turned me into a tv-watching fanatic for just two years + endured countless episodes of our favorite tv shows together over our freshman + sophomore years, including (but not limited to): gLee, grey's anatomy, community, the office (which we watched ALL episodes of, through the last season steve carell was in), + modern family.

my favorite window-shopping buddy, who enjoyed running around ikea (just like 500 days of summer...a movie she loves almost as much as i do, clearly another reason we are best friends) and taking photos of just about everything we could.

my favorite person to go on double-dates with + be domestic with...even though that one time we totally ruined the brownie recipe her mom gave us to make from scratch...

...but it was okay since i think that's the only thing i can remember that we've made over the years that was 100% inedible. we've grow far more domestic over the years (;

my favorite person to get tattoos with!

...just kidding. (: but i did love the fact that she was never embarrassed to be around me or my goofy faces...at least for the most part.

i'll never forget the morning our sophomore year when micae woke up + came to eat breakfast + told us all that she had a dream and knew she needed to learn chinese. and then she actually did it, enduring 4 long + difficult semesters of chinese at byu. and she loved every moment. and now she's on a mission where she's learning how to speak chinese so she can go and serve in taiwan for 18 months, teaching chinese people about the gospel! she may be crazy. but she's also an inspiration. (:

oh! and how could i forget? my favorite traveling companion...going to a handful of temples with me all around the state of utah, sometimes driving 8 hours in one day (4 hours there + 4 hours back) to go to some of them. there was never a dull moment. we could literally talk for hours + hours on end. and still have more to talk about, but we'd have to wait until our voices came back (;

visiting one of our favorites: st. george!

ah. my dearest little cheerleader. drove all the way to layton, utah with me for my first-ever half marathon in layton, utah! and cheered me right across the finish line. + then read a story to me while i promptly fell asleep  as soon as we got back to the hotel. (: what a grand best friend.

after the finish line:

never afraid to do crazy/weird/illogical things with me...like dressing up as prim (her) + katniss (me) to go see the hunger games - our favorite book everrrrr! - movie on the night of the premiere. or yelling "i volunteer as tribute" at least 500 times before the movie actually began.

my best friend that i've been roommates with ever since my freshman year. this wasn't the first time we had to exchange "see ya laters", but it's always weird to say it when you don't really know the next time you'll see each other!

nevertheless, micae, happy birthday to you, back in september! heaven knows the next birthday we'll get to celebrate together, but i'm sure it'll be a party whenever we see each other next!

miss you. love youu. see ya in (at least) 2 years (:

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