band camp, partying, + a bday shout out to little d!

sometimes i like to update my blog. even if sometimes its been literally months since i have updated (oops). here's a quick recap of some of the excitement that took place this past july-august before i left to fly back out to utah again for school:

said goodbye to good friend colin before he headed back off to miami:

also said goodbye to this (not-so-little) kiddo who headed off to band camp for the first time ever!

(he loved it. in case you can't tell from the following montage of photos, a la my father):

freshman boys 2012:

trumpet section:

the week he was gone flew by + before we knew it, we were there cheering dk on during his final saturday presentation for friends + family alike.

ruth + anna might enjoy this little throwback pregame moment...

+ please enjoy the following montage of "where's waldo"-esque photos of dk...can you find him?

loved seeing old bandie friends like olivia while down in jacksonville. so so happy.

also, definitely loved snapping a few photos with my #1 fave trumpeteer...who is somehow taller than me now?? somehow i forgot about that in the first photo and tried crouching down so we'd be the same height...whoopsie.

ps throwback moment #2 to my last year of band camp, back in the summer of 2007! crazyyyyy how time flies!

once dk was all packed up + loaded back into the car, we headed off to nowhere else but dk's fave chick-fil-a for some lunchtime, where i enjoyed the cutest little applesauce i have ever seen.

in other news, the week dk was partying away at band camp, my parents thought it'd be fun to leave me home alone + head off  to party up in cleveland to see il divo in concert! love these lovebirds. (:

outside the theatre:

once everyone was back at home at the end of the week, we (mama + i) enjoyed some homestyle cooking...aka making empanadas all. day. long!

yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. (:

also, i made my new favorite dessert: tres leches cake! sososo delish. and probably sososo fatty. but sometimes that's the price you just have to pay. (;

oh! how could i possibly forget...the reason for the cake-making was to celebrate the (surprise!) birthdays of these two lovely sisters, tia rury + mama rica herself!

the finished product, quite delish if i do say do myself!

we had the entire extended carrera-side of the family over for the festivities, and a great time was had by all!

las hermanas:

los chicos:

las primas (+ faith):

once the festivities died down, dk + i snuck away to get some fresh air at our favorite emerald parkway outdoor park!

just check out that sunset. nothing better.

we had lots of fun at what was probably the most intricately designed playground i've ever been to. who says you have to grow up when you get to be over 20? (:

okay. you guys. this was the most hilarious/fun/speedy little trickster of a playground toy i have ever been a part of. that thing spins you around SO fast you'd think you were going to lose your breakfast, lunch + dinner from the past week as soon as you stepped off. and it was awesome.

love that little brother of mine.

just a look at some of the other crazy equipment they have there, like this four-person see-saw:

or this rock-climbing tunnel:

oh, and how can we forget the most intricate little light game you ever did play?

click on this to make it bigger. and just get excited for us (since it wasn't working when we went, boo) to play it the next time we go visit.

sorry the quality of photos has gone greatly downhill, that's what happens when you're at a park literally until dusk (oops). but we found there was this little scavenger hunt of finding these "hidden objects" that were like, literally molded into different parts of the playground's infrastructure...and it was NOT easy finding all of them, lemme tell ya, but after a good 20 minutes or so, i'm proud to say we championed it. winner winner.

and, of course, what night with dk would be complete without a little mario party action?

also of note: movies we watched this week included the 1st harry potter (for dk's first time, since we both read the first book together this summer (can you believe he'd never read any of the hp books?!)), and wall-e (my first time...how had i not seen this little gem before?!).

other wrapping-up-the-summer festivities (as always) included saying hello + see ya later to some good friends, such as matt,

mikey moo,

(with whom i enjoyed some especially delish homemade fruit + yogurt crepes)

(and maybe one or two fatify moments...hahaha)

bye, moo!

and, of course, staying up until ridiculous hours of the early-morning (per usual) with bestie swhit, sitting in her car in my driveway for literally hours and hours just talking + reminiscing. love this girl.

man. i really am jumping around a bit, haha. but no trip home would be complete without a photo montage of the yummy eats that mama + i enjoyed on our many shopping trips out + about during this fabulous summertime.


(ah. those clouds that literally go on for days + days. i miss summer.)

steak & shake:

ps did anyone else know that there is an entire greeting card section dedicated to the biebs?! crazy.

dk, as always, loved playing with my iphone in the final hours before we headed off to bed the night before i left for utah. let's just say he got a little wacky + creative (crazy?) with his attempts at the fatify app... he'll be so happy i saved these for him to look back on, someday.

after a few more photos with my #1 favorite little brother,

and climbing into bed to see the little set-up he made for me to say goodbye (seriously, most adorable little brother award clearly goes to this not-so-little guy),

it was time to say goodbye to my lovely mama + little brother for the next few months while papa + i headed off to the airport to drop me off on my away again out west. love you guys!

aaaaaaaaaaaand of course, this post wouldn't be complete without a little (seriously, beyond belated) birthday shout-out to my favorite little nephew: little d!

the only kid i know who is still 110% adorable upside-down or picking his nose. (:

happy to you, little guy! love you so much!

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