back in UTAH: the first coupla weeks.

sometimes you only have like a 3.5 week-long summer break, in between terms/semesters at school + vacationing/traveling for your major...but no complaints here (:

the below quote pretty much sums up what this past (fall) semester has been like:

and it's only the beginning (here on the blog)! so without further delay, please enjoy a photo montage of my september 2012:

i spent lots of time with some of my favorite freshman year amigos (like topher, bottom left) who just got back from their 2-year mission trips! (clockwise from bottom left: topher, topher's friend, katherine, whitney, me)

i found out i was going to become an aunt again! coming april 2013 (: wheeee!

i ate my first-ever humongous sno-cone from that little shack on the corner by helaman halls, my old stomping grounds freshman year. courtesy of friend (cousin-in-law of sister ruth), madison!

i don't think i've ever seen a real-life rat's tail. yikes. hahaaa.

i skyped (from my iphone! while going through a car wash! i love this thing haha) my far-away old roommate, miriam, who was getting ready to head-off to SPAIN to spend a semester abroad! jealous doesn't even begin to cut it. don't worry though, she'll be back on the blog by next semester, living with me again (:

and, of course, the sunday-night family skype sessions continued. mostly with my favorite little brother, dk.

i got out to school a week before any of my roommates showed up (thanks to assistant stage managing the first theatre production of byu's mainstage season, a second birth), and had lots of free time on my hand that first week to essentially deep-clean/de-clutter the apartment + decorate! so i had some major fun cutting up a huge stack of old magazines before throwing them out + making a few collages for our front room.

...and into the first week of school, my first assignment for my english class was to take a stack of magazines and make a collage about what "writing" means to me, through pictures. coincidence?

i missed my favorite little brother more than ever, but luckily i had a sister (ruth) who was still living back with the fam in ohio for a few more months after i left to come back out to utah who took plenty of photos of him + his shenanigans to keep me posted from far, far away.

i found a krondashian kardashian kollection lookalike while thrifting:

look familiar? i'll give you a little reminder:

man i just realized how random this post is, haha. so all over the place from september. hope you're enjoying (:

once back at byu, i got a few chances to practice (+ perfect!) my parallel parking skills,

see!? huge accomplishment.

after 3 years at college without it, the roommies + i pulled our money (only $8.50 a month for each of us, yes please) to get extra-fast wireless internet + cable tv!! wheeee.

our first shot of cable! some hispanic cooking show. winning.

i also enjoyed my first (of many) trips to the local farmer's market in provo on saturdays. including my first visit to my new favorite food truck: waffle-love. yum. check them out!

also enjoyed some farmer's market limeade...so yum.

i finally(!) took photos of my marathon photos...because whenever i've tried to scan them they come out really weird. haha. so here is my finisher's photo...crazy belated but better late than never, right??

went to stan's diner (again, so many times) to get some of their famous shakes...SO good. + although i don't have any photos of any of my shakes/the diner itself, check out these gems that are on display on its walls (could be a part of the reason i love this place so much):

i ate a banana that had a built-in smiley face. check it out.

i learned how to curl my hair in all kinds of different ways, including the mega-huge bouncy curly whirly way.

we handed out free cake (!!) at byu's testing center. ps i love my job. (:

i talked to micae (most everyday) since it was our first time not living together since freshman year (weird), since she was back in virginia (home for her) preparing to go on a church mission for a year-and-a-half to taiwan! she left in november. but more on that to come, well, when i post about november. in another month or so (;

i saw a double rainbow.

i hung out with topher some more and he made one of the most delicious meals of my ever life, totally from scratch. and his brain. SO. yum.

and we went to get cupcakes! can you believe i'd never been to a provo cupcakery before this night?? they only have them like, all over the place. it was about time.

cakebites! so! cute! and! adorable!

best friends.

also, went to see my first-ever improv show: comedy sportz. SO. funny. loved it.

oh! how could i forget? i started TEACHING! as an assistant/team-teacher for two of BYU's theatre and media arts (tma) voice and diction classes. so cool! and fun. and we do things like make our students use their bodies as different parts of a human body that moves and breathes when you tell it to. basically awesome.

oh! i also started taking a puppetry class. which yes, is totally as fun as it sounds. (: i love my major!

also, i got in touch with my inner krondashian and loved seeing me some bruce jenner (<3 champion="champion" grocery="grocery" i="i" night.="night." olympic="olympic" one="one" out="out" p="p" runner="runner" shopping="shopping" was="was" when="when">

but what was almost even better...my favorite addiction cereal on mega-sale!! so i may or may not have stocked up just a bit...

gotta take advantage of a sale when you see it, right? (:

i also went to yogurtland (i know you were all waiting to hear about this one) a handful of times...and then some. but sadly, i also SPILLED for the first time, ever. i'm not entirely sure how it happened. or how it spilled into like, a perfect "S". and i still haven't forgive the yland staff for not letting me go back through to put more toppings on...! just kidding (: i actually discovered this day how much i like having strawberries and cookie dough on my froyo. so thanks, butterfingers (no pun intended).

yland with freshman year roommate mace face:

and with the roommates:

oh. and did i mention my nephew is the cutest little thing alive? stickers for the future baby (: what a gem.

that's all for now!

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