happy 14th, dk!

i was lucky enough to be at home this past summer to be able to celebrate the 14th (is he seriously already that old?!) birthday of my not-so-little brother DK on july 23rd!

we started off the morning with some serioussss decorations (before he woke up, naturally). definitely was looking through the decoration/celebration box in our basement and couldn't find the "happy birthday" sign to save my life...so i made my own instead. and liked it a whole heck ton better anyway. (:

plus, a gazillion mardi-gras beads. who woulda thought that they make such awesome + easy decorations??

the birthday boy himself on his throne:

and (of course) - what birthday would be complete without balloon-covered floors and streamer-blocked doorways?

AND there is no DK-related celebration that would be complete without a trip to his #1 favorite eatery...chick-fil-a! which is growing on me. (but not literally. that'd be a little gross).

ps when did he get so big!? do you see how long those forearms are?? i don't know who this kid is anymore.

andddddd how could we possibly forget our two favorite (besides chick-fil-a- and gamestop) mall attractions...the hurricane simulator (!!) and photobooth (!!!). okay, photobooth is mostly just my own personal addiction (understatement of the millenium). but dk sure does love the hurricane-inator. especially when 90mph winds make my #longhairdontcare go literally EV. ER. Y. WHERE.

photo taken immediately-post hurricane-ination:

ps promise we still love daddy-o, too, he just had already left to go back to work when we made the last-minute decision to jump in the photo booth.

post-mall madness, we headed home to prep for the festivities of the night - dk's (friend) party! did you know that it's possible to make a birthday cake from scratch + frost it so that initially it looks like this?:

...and then (after some cleaning + decorating) it can look like THIS?:

(i know, i know. proud chef moment. even if the green icing totally failed me so i had to improvise and put chocolate chips around the bottom...whatever. still looks (+ tasted) awesome. i promise.)

enter: amf bowling alley. we partied + partied (yeah!) with all these kiddos young gentlemen and enjoyed setting off every smoke detector in the building serenading DK with our own rousing rendition of "happy birthday" before getting down to business.

okay seriously, where did those crazy long arms come from?! i'm not okay with my baby brother getting any older/taller/bigger/etc. isn't he supposed to stay little + chubby forever? isn't that how it works? like this:

SO. CUTE. how did that little thing turn into THIS:

okay okay, i digress. on to the singing!

....aaaaaaand then, of course, after getting our fill of cake, it was back to business.

the boys bowled + bowled (+ bowled some more) until they were all bowl-ed out. then it was off to re-energize...at graeter's (where else?)!

the following photo taken right after spilling my mint-choc chip (!) cone on my capris...hence the arm awkwardly positioned over my leg + look of disdain on my face. so. tragic.

dk with some of his amigos before saying goodbye:

then it was back home! for the real party to get started (because an all-day adventure just isn't enough)! aka...


(this is all post-unwrapping, of course).

what more could you ever ask for, right?!

...a hose and a laundry basket are the only two things he did not get on his birthday, i'm sorry to say.

good thing there's always next year (;

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DK (just like, 3 months late. no biggie). so glad i got to spend it with you! (:


  1. Good work on the cake!!! Loved the throwback pics of dk.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Aw! How fun! I always wished I had a brother!!! Bu t now I have two little guys of my own so I guess that kind of makes up for it! HA ha I missed that first sentence there at first and thought he was yours at first, then I was like...there is NO WAY that girl is old enough to have a teenager!! Glad I got that cleared up. Ha ha you are such an adorable sister!!!


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