partytime with miss anna carrera, with a side of bowling + books.

remember that one time i disappeared off the face of the blogging world for the past coupla months?? weird. me neither. (: get ready for the blogger update of a lifetime over the next couple of days...!

in honor of my favorite tv reporter sister having her first day of work at her new station, WCIA, this is coincidentally the first post that i have been needing to catch up on: the weekend anna was visiting us in ohio!

we started off the weekend in true krondashian fashion, shopping it up at the mall (and getting krondash-ified) with our favorite super shopping, mama astrid!

dk, of course, was right in his element, posing around the mall in various venues as the model he naturally is.

honestly, chick-fil-a could hire him as their spokesperson. i've never met anyone who loves their anti-cow advertising + waffle-cut fries more than him.

and, of course, no krondashian reunion would be complete without meeting up with papa kron + a visit to our favorite ice cream establishment + one of ohio's claims to fame: graeters!

looooooove the photo bomb in this one:

favorite chipmunk of a brother award goes to mr. dk himself!

aaaaaand what krondashian evening would be complete without a coupla rounds of our favorite family-friendly game: apples to apples! the best part? tallying up what cards you earned and labeling yourself as all of the above...

krondashian reunion pt. 2 [saturday] was roadtripping up to pittsburgh with miss anna carrera herself for a wedding of a dear friend of hers...and i got to be her +1! so happy. we drove up, stopped at a gas station to jump in their little one-person bathroom to change from comfy clothes --> party clothes (and got some pretty funny looks from the guys behind the counter because of it), partied + danced the night away (with a few visits to the cookie room throughout), and then eventually drove back home, just in time to crash asleep in our beds in ohio. what a day!

the infamous cookie room (ps mom, totally need one of these at my wedding. no questions asked!):

sunday arrived and anna left all too quickly. to mourn her loss, the next night (monday) we zipped off to amf to bowl our sorrows away as a family.

sometimes we like to be goofy.

pro bowler action shots:

guess who got a 128?! i have never scored higher than just over 100...so this was quite the night (:

the champion, papa kron himself!

the family that bowls together, stays together (right?).

aaaaaand how could we possibly forget our beautiful cheerleader of a mama rica?!

after we finished bowling our arms off, we returned home and dk + i enjoyed a reader's theatre kind of night...

(okay, you caught me, we switched books for our dramatic reading poses. but seriously you guys...PRE was an amazing book...thanks to ruth for buying it for me for christmas last year!!)

ps what's not to love about this goofy goober?!

hope your nights have been filled with family, bowling, reading + fun. and many more to come. (:


  1. Ahhhhh this is great! Is it terrible that graters makes me sick? :( just the thought of it! I better get over it soon!!! Thanks for te recap and your welcome for the book!!

  2. i miss graeters and our krondashian fashion and YOU.


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