we roll with the best.

a few weeks back the fam was in utah with me for a week (stay tuned for my next post: all about that week + your favorite krondashians :). lemme tell ya, in that one week we sure got arooooooound. it seems like we were going, going, going most of the time (probably because, well, we were), visiting friends and family galore. so here's a little shout-out to all the fun times we had with all the fun people we spent them with (or at least the ones i got pictures of)!

uncle mike (hanging out and playing at the pool with granny, too).

grandpa phil and great-uncle matt. 

ray and michelle meservy 

the call family (i forget the little boy's first name, talia, kaden, alexis, berit, and conley) 

we also enjoyed getting introduced to some of the family pets... 

(this next picture is my favorite. sooo candid). 

besties since birth! 

and there are three attempts at pictures here...because that was necessary. of course. 

the rellafords (david, matthew, lorilee, rebecca, daniel, and mark) 

besties since birth! 

eternal besties. (: 

and how could we forget: rachael and emily (who, let's be real, she's practically a krondashian). 

besties...just always. (: 

(ps...photo credit for those last few go to emily...and the rest i think are mostly to dad...or me. correct me if i'm wrong :)

*additionally, a great big THANKS goes out to my two roomies, catherine + debbie for putting up with the insanity that was all the kron/dowling girls under one roof (+ little d...catherine especially enjoyed his 5am wake-up calls!). we didn't get any pictures together while my fam was in town, but i love them anyway. so here's a picture of us three together at the avengers premiere a few weeks back. (:

thanks everyone (including those not pictured, sorry about that!) for making it such a memorable week! love you all. (:


  1. Um those girls are saints for dealing with us!!! Love those pics they are so so cute!! ESP the ones with the other families... You should go unearth some old pics to compare!! Miss u!!

  2. i seriously don't remember taking those pictures. i have the worst memory in the history of the world.


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