run. skype. repeat.

in order to get my motivation back for running, i decided to sign up to run a coupla races this coming fall out in utah. aaaand just a few weeks ago, after much research and scoping out the best races for me, i finally committed myself to signing up + paying the registration fee for both!

and here's the proof:
spanish fork 1/2 registration confirmation
provo halloween 1/2 registration confirmation
so there you have it. spanish fork half marathon on september 8th...
and the provo halloween half marathon on october 27th!

in all honesty though, the real reason i signed up for the latter (apart from getting to run 13.1 miles in a crazy-looking costume of my choice) is because of their amazing marketing campaign. i mean seriously, who wouldn't want to buy a hat with those kinds of publicity photos?!
too fab for words.
although i don't see myself buying a hat, i am enjoying my runs and looking forward to running these races in just a few short weeks! can you believe it's almost august? which means back to school which means running my 1st race which means running my 2nd which means HALLOWEEN which means almost thanksgiving which means CHRISTMAS. so soon you guys! get excited!


in other news, balancing my work/running/sleeping/family schedule around the crazy work/family/sleeping schedule of future missionary and child caretaker galore, aka sparkles daycare's favorite employee, miss micaela jean has been nothing short of difficult. but alas (do those words mean the same thing?), we have managed to somehow find time for our late-night 3-hour skype sessions TWICE in the past two weeks. crazy, i know. but true.
showing off my post-work cindy lou who bun

...and at some point during our late-night sessions, this somehow always ends up happening:

hope your days are all filled with plenty of running and late-night skyping! and if not...then whatever it is you like to do. to each his own. (:


  1. you guys remind me of me and emily ( :

  2. LOVE longhairdontcare!!! also... i ran the SF half and LOVED it! It was the best half I did, because it was in the fall so the weather was divine at the finish. and always wanted to do the halloween half! jealous! be sure to keep foam rolling :)


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