rain dances and new babies.

so a coupla weeks back i caught dk red-handed trying to sneak in some broccoli before dinner...!!!

just kidding. but he did do a great job helping me prepare some meals last week for the fam as a part of his duty-to-god award that he's going to be 1/3 done with officially next week! way to go dk!
the dk we all know and love
in other news, summer has been crazy crazy crazy so far, where each day is filled with work, running, meal-time, family-time, and sleep-time. it's been a rare occasion that i've been able to meet up with friends to catch up, and i was lucky recently to catch up with two of my favorite ohio boys, john + colin!
bob's besties for life <3
theatre besties since middle school!
there's just nothing like catching up with old friends. except for maybe crazy thunder/windstorms that last 10 minutes but produce 80 mph winds and cause almost week-long power outages in some areas around where you live.
good thing that dk was around to provide some rainmaking entertainment sunday afternoon, two days after the storm hit and another was threatening us on the horizon.

needless to say, we were actually mega lucky. i'm pretty sure our house is on the same power grid as some of the main lights on sawmill road, which is why we were only out of power for about 3 hours friday night (6/30) from about 5pm-8pm. some ohioans didn't get their power back for over a week! i can't even begin to imagine going that long without power, especially not with the 90-degree weather we had that week. crazy craze. but still, when our power was out, it was anybody's guess when it'd come back on. so...what did we do?

we went into survival mode and played a game of trouble as a family, with our lantern flashlight guiding us along the way. and when our power came back on mid-game (i think we were playing uno by this point), we finished up and headed down to the basement to do nothing better than watch a few old home movies. and wouldn't you know the gem i found down there...

new year's day, 1998. the day mama + papa announced to us that they were going to have a baby (dk)! it was so fun(ny) watching that video...even just seeing what ruth, anna + i were like 14 1/2 years ago. someday i'll figure out how to make digital copies of our home movies so that the world wide web can enjoy them, too. (;

daddy was the one recording, and he had us go from youngest to oldest and introduce ourselves and say what we like to do. the responses:

sarah: "my name is sarah elizabeth kron and my best thing to do is going shopping."
anna: "hi. i'm anna. and i like to play the piano (nods head)."
ruth: "my name is ruth astrid kron and i enjoy singing and swimming."
mama: "my name is mama rica and...i'm gonna have a baby!"

sarah - "you're gonna get another one?"
mama - "(looking at ruth) i'm going to have another baby."
ruth - "yes, you are." (editor's note: mama later told me that ruth kept stating that she knew all along, like this wasn't any kind of surprise to her. then when mama talked to her after we were done recording, ruth admitted that she thought mama was playing a joke on us, and she apparently wanted to be in on the joke. haha :)
anna - complete silence. then, "for real??"

so many funny comments followed. my favorite exchange:

anna - "i want a brother."
ruth - "i want a sister."
sarah - "i want a brother so we can have a boy in the family so dad won't be lonely."
ruth - "we can have quintuplets so everyone can have a baby to themselves."
mama - "i'm going to need a lot of helpers when the baby comes."
anna - "(raising her hand) i'm available. i'm a babysitter here."

so there you have it. 14 1/2 years later, we've got ruth, the oldest sibling who is always in the know and so mature for her age (married with a son), anna, the middle child who clearly thinks before she speaks so she can get the facts and loves helping out (tv reporter), and sarah, the grammatically incorrect youngest daughter who always says what's on her mind (english education minor with a theatre education major).

oh, and we managed to get a(n increasingly) tall, loving, almost 14-year-old brother out of the deal, too!

because heaven knows a little sister probably wouldn't have had the guts to dance like a crazy person in the middle of the street during a rainstorm while being recorded. so thank heaven for little brothers. (:


  1. Probably I say this everytime but this time ts or real.... Favorite best post ever!!! What a gem! I
    Think you photoshopped dks hand with the broc but that video is priceless!!! Upload to YouTube ASAP!!! Kron classic!!!!!


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