krondashian jam

so this one time my whole family came out to utah for a week and lemme tell ya it was a BLAST. sure, we were running around like crazy people trying to catch up with a bunch of old friends, but we also got to spend a lot of quality time together, which was nice. here are some of the trip highlights! and don't worry, i didn't forget that the marathon happened during this week, too. that one gets its own post tomorrow monday. (:

little d playing and dominating every ball-related sport he got involved with. from badminton,

to bouncy-ball,

to soccer.

ruth came all the way from boston (with little d in tow) to play with us + show us her artsy-fartsy skills.

anna arrived mid-week and we loved every second we got to spend with her, too.

we partied and played all around byu campus (considering i live about a 15-minute walk just south of campus) and it was mega fun having the whole fam there for my tma 377c: applied theatre class workshop final.

little d played in a handful of provo's many parks.

his favorite thing to do was play the echo-game though. (:

daddy just loved seeing the mountains + y up there on the mountains every day so he hiked up it two days in a row! thursday with me, and friday with ruth, anna, and yes, even little d.

hugest dandelion of my life.

helloooooo, provo!

still don't know how she climbed all the way up the mountain like that...rockstar status.

everyone at the top of the y!

we also spent a lot of time going back and forth between the hotel (where daddy, dk, + mama were staying) + my apartment (where ruth, anna, little d + i were staying).

i love this face. hahahaha.

wake-up from nap time at my apartment:

one of the last days we were all together (friday) we spent the afternoon at the new city creek mall. SO cool, SO pretty. just loved the fact that they have a retractable roof; they can keep it open when its nice out (like it was when we were there) or if it's rainy/snowy/etc. it can cover everything up so you can shop like you're inside a regular mall. kind of like a glorified easton town center, if you're from ohio. except with the awesome roof. and more expensive stores (like tiffany & co. + nordstroms + porche...hello, high rollers!). but we enjoyed some shopping (and more window shopping) as we strolled around this gorgeous mall.

best siblings.

and the best friends who stayed at home:

and as is typical of our family, we also spent a lot of time checking out the best eateries in town! like pizza factory (hello, carbo-loading the night before the marathon! just like before my first half marathon with micae) and pantrucas.

little d showing his love for his favorite uncle d:

mmm empanadas. seriously, if you're wanting some authentic chilean eats, check out pantrucas. and bring me with you. (:

we just love spending time together (and with our honorary family member of the week, emily!).

just love my family. see you guys real soon!!


  1. Awww love alllll these pics!!! Glad u stole them from dad :) I love all your posts but this is by far my fav... That pic of all of us holding hands is just too presh


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