first things first: happy [belated] father's day!

it's only been almost a month since i last updated...whoopsie. but what better place to begin than in honoring the #1 dad out there...mine! (:

daddy, thanks so much for always supporting me in all of my many extra-curricular activities (and being my coach or parent volunteer for most of them!), from 6 years of softball, to 10+ years of theatre, and years of cheerleading, color guard, piano lessons and so much more in between. you never missed a single softball game (no matter how terrible i may have been...all 6 years) or a single theatre performance (even if i was only on stage for a brief amount of time). and i'll never forget you + daniel coming to the boy's basketball games...just to "hoo-ha-rah-rah-rah" on the sidelines while i was cheerleading in the opposite corner. (:

we've had SO much fun travelling all around + across the country world together in the past few years, from zion national park to mt. rushmore and disney world, the redwood forests, chile, canada (via niagra falls, totally counts), and so many other places in between. so many memories have been made as we have sung along to billy joel and the beatles in the car and just spent time talking about life.

and um...i think it goes without saying that this is my favorite memory with you yet! sharing in such a wonderful amazing incredible indescribable experience - getting to see someone we both love (okay, i probably love him just a wee bit more than you, if you get what i mean) and respect, aka THE sir paul mccartney! what a fabulous concert, and an even more fabulous memory, getting to share it with you!

i guess what i'm trying to say, daddy, is thank you for dealing with all my eccentricities through the years.

and thanks for [eventually] trusting me with bigger and better responsibilities [and forgiving me when i haven't always been the most responsible].

thanks for being such an incredible example of what it means to be an amazing grandpa,

a loving husband,

and an amazing stellar fabulous incredible the VERY BEST daddy there could ever be!

happy [super-mega belated] father's day, daddy! you're the best and we all love you so, so much! (:

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