[coming] home + mama week!

remember how i'm back in ohio for the summertime? and by summertime of course i mean just about mid-june to mid-august...crazy right? anywho, time to get caught up on things!

first things first: highlight of my flying experience this time was this:

I always travel with my camelbak waterbottle and have to dump all the water out of it before going through security. so, naturally (because i am a sea creature when it comes to my average daily h2o consumption) i have to fill up my waterbottle the moment i get to the other side. usually i feel like filling it up via the public drinking fountain leaves my water tastes a wee bit metal-y-tasting, so imagine my joy when i saw that in the slc airport they have these fancy filtered water...things! absolutely 100% crisp, clean water. thanks, slc international!

so fast-forward to landing circa 1am EST in ohio, driving home with papa + getting to bed around 2am, and waking up 5 hours later to run the claremont 5k for my grandma at her retirement village. normally i'd be okay with running a 5k on 5 hours of sleep, but considering the fact that i had run a marathon just a week before, i was a little worried how my legs would take it (since i hadn't been on a run since...whoopsie). but i rolled outta bed, jumped in the car with papa + headed on over to see grandma and get that party started anyway.

grandma made me the cutest sign!
and, wouldn't you know it, i set a new 5k pr with an average 7:41 mile pace, finishing in 23:40! granted, running at a significantly lower elevation than i'm used to probably helped, but i was happy with it regardless :)

i did finish 6th overall...but considering there were only about 15-20 people actually running, that doesn't count for much haha. but i was neck-in-neck with that guy (from the above video) and was finally able to break away there at the end and i actually felt guilty for passing him! runner friends - is that normal? i was happy to finish in front of him obviously but i felt rude, even though we had gone back and forth the whole time. hm. oh well. life goes on. (:
post-race with grandma, showing off her gorgeous garden
came home and (i think?) took a nap, i was just a wee bit exhausted. not much else to note besides the fact that that saturday night (7/16) i was reunited with my sara(h) besties from high school at menchies! ps don't worry yland, you will always be #1 in my heart. you just don't exist this side of the mississippi. 
reilly, whitacre, + kron
we had so so much fun catching up and reminiscing...including a re-creation of a certain photo taken during a certain marching band trip to disney world our sophomore year...
original: taken january 2007
recreation: taken july 2012
we've changed so much, we know (; just love these girls!

besties til the end
and a certain boyfriend of a certain best friend (whitacre) was our official photographer of the night (thanks mike!). i would just like to emphasize for the millionth time that i am so proud to have helped my best guy friend + best girl friend of summer 2009 finally realize they are in love with each other and start dating...they have been happily together ever since. til the end. love love love them both. counting down to the wedding already (;

and, of course, no return back to the homeland would be complete without a krondashian sunday night skype fest!

love it. once monday morning came around, the two boys of the house (papa + dk) headed out for scout camp for the rest of the week! and you know what that means...mama week!

mama week basically = eating lots of yummy food and watching lots and awesome movies together. maybe if i'm lucky, we can continue this tradition next summer too, yes? (:
please enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime awkward middle part. love, me.
favorite soup everrrr...tortilla soup from max 'n' ermas. mega yum.
now, before you see what our theme of the week was movie-wise, i have got to show you what i caught my mama watching that first night of the week:

so, mama's a jbiebs fan...who knew?! also, i found out that jbiebs has the cutest little sister ever. for all of the 5 minutes i probably watched this show/concert/lifetime movie thing with mama, that's what i got out of it. kudos to you, jbiebs. keep it real.

oooooooookay guys. mama hadn't seen the avengers yet(?!)...and even though i had seen the avengers, i hadn't seen thor or captain america (...sorry about that one), so obviously we planned to focus on watching those two and then go see avengers at the end of the week. if you haven't seen these movies...GO. now. they are so great! i have never considered myself a big comic book/fantasy fan...but these were seriously well done. also, i am officially in love with captain america now. and loki. but mostly captain america (sorry, ironman...still love you too. promise.).

aaaand, let's be real here, ironman stole the show. hands. down.
so a handful of yummy meals, errand-running, and superhero movies later, it was finally saturday and time for the boys to come home. which they did...

...fully facial-haired! eek!
no worries, this didn't last long...mama wouldn't let him inside until he promised he'd shave, asap!
so...i'm home! and so goes mama week for this summer. that is, at least until the boys leave again for band camp in august...any great movie-week theme ideas for that one? (:


  1. they have that cool water bottle filler thing in the jfsb (: now you know you can have it on campus always <3
    slash i love that i noticed the awkward middle part before reading your comment about it.. and my first thought was "wow, that's a sight i'll never get to enjoy again... b/c obviously this is a one time thing"
    aka: we have the same thoughts (:

  2. its on the first floor at the side closest to the talmage building... so the right side.. CTR (:

  3. omg cool water bottle fountain! and just love the delicious food, jbiebs and the avengers character movies, of course!!


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