on the up + up.

the past few days for me can be summed up in this picture of my dinner from a few nights ago:
what, you don't get it? the bacon + pancakes + fruit as breakfast for dinner obviously symbolizes variety, the unexpected, and overall happiness. which sums up my past few days. make sense now? (:

this past saturday, roommate debbie ran her first-ever 5k and finished in just under 31 minutes! i've never been a prouder roommate mama.

saturday afternoon (after my last long run (8 mi) before the marathon this saturday...eeeek! but more on that later) i grabbed a quick jamba with madison in between leading a workshop + having rehearsal. good eats + good conversation always = a great time.

thennnnnnnn (drumroll, please!) after rehearsal, i scurried off to chris and cheryl's to meet up with my #1 favorite nephew: little d aka the ultimate cheeseface himself!! note: yes, i also enjoyed hanging out with his lovely mama ruth(!!), but we still have yet to take a picture together. oops. we'll get right on that today, don't you worry!

we had lots of fun taking a million different pictures of ourselves...

(we're working on that "silly" face of his...his cheeks just aren't as chubby as they used to be, okay?)

and we watched UP! so. so great.

...aaaaand! had lots of fun playing with baby blair. clearly little d is very good at sharing his love with his lady friends.

there's no such thing as too much love...right? also, gotta love little d's dancing feet.

sunday consisted of church (and more picture-taking) with this little guy,

and then a nap and five letters written and stamped later, i can officially declare myself the #1 letter-writer of the hour. if you or any loved ones are going on missions or far-away trips anytime soon and will only be able to communicate via snail mail, i could give you a few tips. just a few.

ps I AM RUNNING A MARATHON IN FOUR DAYS. WHAT?! anna + mama + daddy + dk get here sooner so we can play before i die mid-marathon on saturday, okay? (:

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