un paquete de chile!

so once upon a time i had a stretchy-faced friend named christopher ("topher") mcneil. he was my fhe brother freshman year and we were the best of friends. he even took me to noodles & co. and ikea for my first time ever (for both!). talk about best friends forever. 

near the end of our freshman year, he got his mission call (as many do) and i totally guessed he would go to concepcion, chile...and guess where exactly he got his call!? (this is him with his sibs right after he opened his call). (:

fast forward almost two years (and a handful of letters) later, and he is getting ready to come home this july and, knowing what a passion + connection i have for/with chile, he asked if there was anything i wanted brought back as a souvenir or anything. i told him i really just wanted some authentic chilean pan (bread) (if anyone has had chilean bread, they would say the same thing)...but realizing that wasn't very realistic, i told him i'd love anything chilean-related that i could see/use everyday...and that i'd totally reimburse him and everything as soon i saw him again (i know, i'm just that great of a friend).

needless to say, coming home to see this on the kitchen table today completely made my day!

straight from los correos de chile! eeek! 

the contents consisted of an authentic chilean futbol (soccer) t-shirt, two cute little wrapped presents, and a hand-written letter (the best part of any package)! 

the two little wrapped presents were (1) a key-chain of the chilean national flower, the copihue, 

and a little copper plate that is apparently "the typical gear of a 'huaso' or chilean cowboy" - direct quote from the letter so it must be true. so pretty! 

just love my chilean gifts from my amazing chilean missionary friend! thanks again, topher; can't wait to see you in just a few short months! (: 

ps topher is also an amazing chef/cook/baker/etc. and he told me that he learned how to make authentic chilean pan from some awesome chilean sisters...aka we're having a chilean fiesta the first week of classes here at byu this fall. i'll make some empanadas con queso and he'll make some pan. everyone's invited. (:


  1. Um I am so bummed you didn't get pan!!!! But looks like you will have quite a few suitors this fall although the one who knows how to make authentic pan may be the winner in

  2. omg need some pan asap. love all those presents!!


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