totally tangential thursday.

so one of my favorite blogs to follow, hungryrunnergirl does this thing called "triple tangent thursday" and she just talks about completely random things every thursday. however...my brain thinks too randomly for just three things, so enjoy the following photo montage of random thoughts. (:

1. yesterday my bangs wouldn't cooperate going to the side, so i swept them to the front, just to see much they had grown since i decided to stop getting my hair cut + grow out my straight-across bangs back in february...three months ago. and it looks they haven't grown a single inch. it's clear they must be on a growing strike or something, just to spite me.

2. today i was walking around the hfac and ran across this whole hallway dedicated to art from some local elementary/middle schools in the area. these were surrealist (i think?) collages. done by 8th graders. i wish i was this creative back when i was 14 years old!

3. because the weather was so perfectionary today, we went outside to the moa gardens to do some scenes and have a few discussions for my applied theatre class. we were supposed to really embrace the nature around us in the scenes we created...but i think my friend heidi wins the award for "most in-tune with nature" for this little creation she made during class. ps ignore the pink spot on my hand...i'm still not sure what that's from.

4. today was the first day i rode little red to school! it totally brightened up my day walking outside to see her all hooked up to the bike racks, just waiting for me to come pick her up after class. she's just so cute! the more i ride her around (in the last 24 hours since she's been ride-able), the more i want to sign up for a triathlon; biking is just so fun and running is just so so great. maybe someday i'll learn how to swim and that dream can become a reality.

5. this past week we had our midterm for my directing class, in which each of us (nine) students directed one 3-5 minute scene and acted in two other ones. sadly, i neglected to bring my camera on the day we performed the one i directed, and for one of the scenes i acted in it was too dark for my camera to record. so...if you'd like, enjoy watching me act like a southern hick (lizzie), opposite my friend kyle (starbuck) in a scene from the rainmaker, by n. richard nash, directed by my lovely classmate, laura masterson. (:


  1. love those art things. wish i was artistic at all...oh well. i think ruth took all those genes.

    also good luck with the triathalon. i'm going to try to start swimming again soon so we should practice together someday (with lifejackets, please!)


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