toes, testing center, + treats.

a few weeks ago my roomies and i decided to use groupon to get 50%-off mani/pedis at this cute little place in downtown slc, as a little pre-finals week celebration. i love this first picture because it just looks like an awkward hand picture...but i promise we all just got really light colors on our fingers.

you can probably guess which one of us forgot to bring their own flip flops...whoopsie.

post-finals preparation (in mani-pedi form), i headed off to rock canyon park for our testing center "shirley awards"/end of the year potluck. which was followed by a trip to wynnsong theatres at the rivierwoods for a viewing of movie of the year the hunger games! a great time was had. by all! have i mentioned how much i love my co-workers?

additionally, i suppose no week of finals prep would be complete without a mandatory trip over to yland for some frozen goods with my main girl leah.

+ just as an added bonus, micae + i drove up to bountiful to celebrate a good friend's birthday the weekend previous, and this beautiful mural covered the wall leading to the delicious restaurant we dined in that night. beatles + anything = winning.


  1. That mural is to die for!!! And I looooove if you find another got Mani pedis let me know!!!

  2. Groupon. That comment was supposed to say I love groupon. Stupid autocorrect

  3. your purple coat is adorable. just saying.


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