running here, there, + everywhere.

once upon a time i ran lots of miles (+ my first half-marathon!) so it was finally time to retire my old running shoes and get some new kicks to prep for my upcoming first (hopefully!) full marathon in three weeks. eek! i got these saucony guide 5's and i love love love them. the color, style, fit, everything. definitely sticking with these babies for awhile.

in the same week, i went to jamba twice to meet up with some old friends (brett, from my cast of 100 dresses last fall, and madison, recently returned missionary friend). and that's more jamba than i've had in the past two years combined. 

and then once upon another time, my roommate and best friend since freshman year, miss micaela jean, decided to move back home to virginia to prepare for serving a full-time church mission! i've never been more proud. she's going to be a stellar missionary, wherever she gets called, i know it! so naturally we had to get some yland (can you blame us?) to commemorate the last time we'll see each other until she's coming back to utah to go into the mtc - talk about crazy!

we also couldn't leave one another without taking a montage of awkward photos...for your viewing pleasure. miss you already roommate (...especially since you've technically already been gone for over a month)! 

see ya in september! 


  1. Awwwww miss micae she is all grown up and leaving the coop :( but love you and Madison and those shoes are wicked awesome ( I can say that since I live in Boston now!!)


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