mama's day 2012

i'm always slightly behind on blogging about these kinds of celebrations, but i certainly could never completely pass up the opportunity to commemorate the day of the year that recognizes one of my favorite people who is the best at doing what she does: my beautiful mama, astrid carrera. (:

I can't wait to be reunited again for the summer in just a few short weeks 13 days! heaven knows i've been looking forward to spending some great one-on-one time doing what we do best:

having dessert/movie parties every night,

getting dressed up all fancy to go to church together (thanks to mama's amazing fashion sense!), 

heading to the movies to catch up on the latest new-releases, 

and (of course!) learning more about our chilean heritage and making lots of yummy empanadas together! 

so, happy mama's day to my beautiful mama! you are the best mama i could have ever asked for + i can't wait to see you and make so many more memories, so so soon! (: 

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