i've never really been all that into politics,

minus a minor flare of interest in the fall of my senior year.

in short: i was taking a u.s. politics class to fulfill a history/gov credit and became incredibly interested in the last election i would never be able to take part in (legally). election day in 2008 was november 4th (as always) and my 18th birthday came just exactly one month too late...good ol' december 4th. yeesh. to say i was an angsty teen that year (especially after doing all that political research for once! on the issues and everything!) is a bit of an understatement.

however, thanks to the wall street journal online, i've quite enjoyed dipping into politics just a wee bit by checking up on this little website to see how the republican candidates have been faring since day one. it's exciting to see that (even though everyone knows romney has already clearly won the candidacy) this next round of primaries (texas! may 29th!) will be the one to make it official that romney is going to be rallying against obama for the presidency this fall.

so thank you, wall street journal online. for making politics this year just a little more fun for me to enjoy. (:

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  1. hah look at you. wisconsin is pretty much all politics all the time.



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