i want to ride my bicycle, i want to ride my bike.

so way back when during the summer of 2011, i got my beautiful $20 bike from the 80's thanks to our next-door-neighbors back home in ohio (remember this post?)...and just last night my beatles bff jeffrey (aka the bike doctor) came over to help me fix her up and make her ride-able!

if you do the math on that then that means she has been gathering dust for the past 11 months after i initially bought her...but who's counting?! she's ride-able now and that's more than i could ever ask for. (:

jeffrey flexing his bicycle-fixing muscles:

...and just like that (and about two hours later), she was all cleaned up (thank you, wd-40), greased up, had some new tires + tubes and was ready to go!

we both took her out for a test ride, just for logistical purposes, of course.

thanks again to my bff jeffrey for doing all the work helping me fix her up! (:

i now present to you: my little red. ain't she a beauty? (:

also...just because this is the only song that has been in my head since i have been riding little red around nonstop, here it is for your listening pleasure. note: i do not endorse or recommend watching the official music video...unless you want to see a lot of naked people riding their bikes(?!). you've been warned. i do love the song itself though. :)


  1. I love your darling bike!!!! So so cute and good work getting a bike handler :) that's what being singles all about. Work it girl!!

  2. hah glad you can still ride a bike ( :


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