i love to see...!

way back over a month ago [march 31st] (has it really been that long?) micae + i + two friends drove up to the great salt lake city to visit temple square for the saturday afternoon session of general conference. we didn't get there in time to watch it in our comfy seats inside the conference center, but we got to watch it in the tabernacle instead...equally awesome. or at least close. (:

the following weekend [april 7th] we drove down to manti and did baptisms in the freezing cold water beautiful manti temple. it was an experience we won't likely forget...especially being there so early in the morning (we were already leaving manti to go back to provo by like 9am!) when the sun was just really starting to show over the mountain. talk about a breathtaking sight. the church is true, ladies and gentlemen! 


  1. Wow that temple is absolutely lovely!!!!! I've never seen it before but I want Togo now!!!! Xxoo how's the foot??

  2. at first i thought you were wearing pj pants in those pics. not that those aren't temple-appropriate...hah


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