five dollar watermelons + other things that make me smile.

this week/end has been such a fun one, even if i do feel like i'm running around like a crazy person most of the time.

thursday night roommate catherine + i decided to go on a 4-mile night run, which was an absolute blast...as i'm sure you can tell from her overly-ecstatic face in that second picture. ever since i found out i have peroneus tertius tendonitis a few weeks back, my physical therapist has been having me do some special speedwork in place of some of my normal running lately. although my legs have been a bit confused as to why i'm doing speedwork instead of the typical normally-paced miles i've been used to in training for the past three months, mr. physical therapist (and avid marathon runner) claims i'll still be good + ready to run my marathon  next (!!!) saturday. just gotta have faith, i suppose. (:

also, i found this little gem as i was taking the price tag off of a certain shirt a certain chilean missionary friend got me...and i got quite a laugh out of it. i usually wash things when they get dirty...but any kind of reminder always helps, right?

friday night roommates debbie + catherine + two other friends cameron + mitchell watched my all-time favorite movie, since cameron hadn't seen it before...and the rest of us just love it. obviously.

saturday was filled with a not-so-pleasant 12-mile run (note to self: get a good amount of sleep occasionally, otherwise your body will rebel against any/all forms of long-distance running; glad i learned that one before race day!), followed by a 3-hour nap + a 1-hour rehearsal for my directing class. then it was off to the wonderful land of costco with catherine + kyle to get some much needed good eats!

ps: costco has the best AND cheapest food. ever. especially in the food court. $1.50 for a hot dog + drink (with free refills)?! don't mind if i do.

i forget why he was waving his hand in front of me...i think he was protesting the picture-taking. oh well!

also, $1 churros that are as long as your arm = also totally deliciously awesome.

my first ever costco purchases! yummy flaxseed + pumpkin seed granola + a watermelon. i love costco. oh so much.

and to end my saturday night, i stumbled upon this ad while watching a youtube video. um...i think i need one. asap. maybe i can really start a trend wearing it as i cross the finish line at the marathon? thoughts?

sunday was great, mostly because it was one of those crazy days where it feels like autumn (temperature in the 60s), even though it's been feeling like summer (80s) all week long. hence why i'm smiling so big because i got to wear my favorite sweater to church and didn't completely die of heat exhaustion. (:

sunday night krondashian chats are the best. especially when dust blows kisses goodbye. (: it's crazy that next sunday ruth + little d will be out here with me, and then the next sunday we'll all be out here together!! eeeek! to say i'm excited is the understatement. of. the. year.

+ to end my weekend, i had probably the smartest food-related idea i've had in awhile, all because i forgot that i didn't have any more peanut butter (heaven forbid), so i was forced to think creatively. pancake + vanilla yogurt + sliced bananas + pumpkin/flaxseed granola = winning. and delicious. the end.


  1. WE ARE GOING TO COSTCO TOGETHER OMG!!!! Love that cheap food. And I didn't realize ur pt is a marathoner?! Saweeet!!!! Take care of that foot and don't forget to sleep!!!!!!! Love you as love your cute church outfit!

  2. Hahaha I love me that beard hat. I've been tempted to get it too! And every time I go to Costco I have to get a piece of pizza and a smoothie. I don't know why it tastes so good. Glad you're having fun :)

  3. that banana thing looks DELISH. yummm. can't wait to see you next week!


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