finals, facemasks, and birthday fun.

once upon a month ago, i had some serious finals for some of my theatre classes. lucky for you, i documented some via youtube. before we get to those vids though, i thought you'd enjoy the sight of what shopping around savers for porcelain doll props would get you when you get down to the core... 

well, that was fun. here's some vids of my directing + stage combat (with rapiers!) finals. and sorry in advance, daddy...i am the one that dies in the end, yet again...but i come back to life! at the end!

this one time i got face masks in my stocking from a certain father of mine...and the week of finals, micae + i finally decided to try them out. mine was a really ooey-gooey one, while hers was a peel-off type. hence why i look covered in sunscreen and she looks like she got some seriously awkward sunburn. also, we ate kiwis. and they were delicious.

yummy. later on that week micae made some of the yummiest brownies known to man (by adding in oreos! but don't worry mama, your ghirardelli ones will always be my favorite :) to celebrate the birth of one of our dear friends, kyle bishop. oh. and we went to yland later on that week, too (to celebrate! why else?).


  1. Haha Oreos in anything is the bomb dot com!!!! Can't wait for YL and those masks may have convinced me I never want a facial!!!! Scary face peeling micae!!!

  2. i regret not taking that stage combat class...looks like fun. also me = micae: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=515456294469&set=t.17809830&type=3&theater


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