Awkwardigans and Karaoke Junkies

My roommates and I are kind of obsessed with each other (minus the one that's practically engaged and therefore not pictured...but I suppose that makes sense :). So we decided to take pictures all together one night...and it kind of failed miserably no matter what we did.

(I guess that last one turned out somewhat decent :)

THEN because we just are that awkward...we decided to take mug shots(?). Some things just can't be explained. 

On another (quite different) note, I love karaoke(-ing?). And it turns out a lot of my Testing Center co-workers do, too. Shortly after coming upon this realization we discovered that the Applebee's right down University Ave had free karaoke night (and 1/2 off appetizers!) on Tuesdays...

A great time was had by all, singing every kind of genre known to man: from lovey-dovey, to Adele (she's a genre all in herself, let'sbereal), to rap, and everything in between. 

We even were able to convince the newest addition to our clan (seriously, he'd only worked at TC for like two days when we threw this on him) to come along and perform for all of us as the 'grand finale' of the night...kind of like a pre-entrance into the TC cult ritual. And he passed. Flying. Colors. 

A great time was had! By all. And we resolved to do it again, real soon (er...relatively, at least). 

But I think everyone can agree, the most fun was had by the two co-admins of the TC Facebook page...if you don't believe me, you can go ahead and give that little vid a listen. (:

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  1. bahaha that vid is awesome. love that your're brave enough for karaoke and your roomates are adorable. we used to do roommate photo shoots all the time. next time, try coordinating outfits ( :


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