five dollar watermelons + other things that make me smile.

this week/end has been such a fun one, even if i do feel like i'm running around like a crazy person most of the time.

thursday night roommate catherine + i decided to go on a 4-mile night run, which was an absolute blast...as i'm sure you can tell from her overly-ecstatic face in that second picture. ever since i found out i have peroneus tertius tendonitis a few weeks back, my physical therapist has been having me do some special speedwork in place of some of my normal running lately. although my legs have been a bit confused as to why i'm doing speedwork instead of the typical normally-paced miles i've been used to in training for the past three months, mr. physical therapist (and avid marathon runner) claims i'll still be good + ready to run my marathon  next (!!!) saturday. just gotta have faith, i suppose. (:

also, i found this little gem as i was taking the price tag off of a certain shirt a certain chilean missionary friend got me...and i got quite a laugh out of it. i usually wash things when they get dirty...but any kind of reminder always helps, right?

friday night roommates debbie + catherine + two other friends cameron + mitchell watched my all-time favorite movie, since cameron hadn't seen it before...and the rest of us just love it. obviously.

saturday was filled with a not-so-pleasant 12-mile run (note to self: get a good amount of sleep occasionally, otherwise your body will rebel against any/all forms of long-distance running; glad i learned that one before race day!), followed by a 3-hour nap + a 1-hour rehearsal for my directing class. then it was off to the wonderful land of costco with catherine + kyle to get some much needed good eats!

ps: costco has the best AND cheapest food. ever. especially in the food court. $1.50 for a hot dog + drink (with free refills)?! don't mind if i do.

i forget why he was waving his hand in front of me...i think he was protesting the picture-taking. oh well!

also, $1 churros that are as long as your arm = also totally deliciously awesome.

my first ever costco purchases! yummy flaxseed + pumpkin seed granola + a watermelon. i love costco. oh so much.

and to end my saturday night, i stumbled upon this ad while watching a youtube video. um...i think i need one. asap. maybe i can really start a trend wearing it as i cross the finish line at the marathon? thoughts?

sunday was great, mostly because it was one of those crazy days where it feels like autumn (temperature in the 60s), even though it's been feeling like summer (80s) all week long. hence why i'm smiling so big because i got to wear my favorite sweater to church and didn't completely die of heat exhaustion. (:

sunday night krondashian chats are the best. especially when dust blows kisses goodbye. (: it's crazy that next sunday ruth + little d will be out here with me, and then the next sunday we'll all be out here together!! eeeek! to say i'm excited is the understatement. of. the. year.

+ to end my weekend, i had probably the smartest food-related idea i've had in awhile, all because i forgot that i didn't have any more peanut butter (heaven forbid), so i was forced to think creatively. pancake + vanilla yogurt + sliced bananas + pumpkin/flaxseed granola = winning. and delicious. the end.


un paquete de chile!

so once upon a time i had a stretchy-faced friend named christopher ("topher") mcneil. he was my fhe brother freshman year and we were the best of friends. he even took me to noodles & co. and ikea for my first time ever (for both!). talk about best friends forever. 

near the end of our freshman year, he got his mission call (as many do) and i totally guessed he would go to concepcion, chile...and guess where exactly he got his call!? (this is him with his sibs right after he opened his call). (:

fast forward almost two years (and a handful of letters) later, and he is getting ready to come home this july and, knowing what a passion + connection i have for/with chile, he asked if there was anything i wanted brought back as a souvenir or anything. i told him i really just wanted some authentic chilean pan (bread) (if anyone has had chilean bread, they would say the same thing)...but realizing that wasn't very realistic, i told him i'd love anything chilean-related that i could see/use everyday...and that i'd totally reimburse him and everything as soon i saw him again (i know, i'm just that great of a friend).

needless to say, coming home to see this on the kitchen table today completely made my day!

straight from los correos de chile! eeek! 

the contents consisted of an authentic chilean futbol (soccer) t-shirt, two cute little wrapped presents, and a hand-written letter (the best part of any package)! 

the two little wrapped presents were (1) a key-chain of the chilean national flower, the copihue, 

and a little copper plate that is apparently "the typical gear of a 'huaso' or chilean cowboy" - direct quote from the letter so it must be true. so pretty! 

just love my chilean gifts from my amazing chilean missionary friend! thanks again, topher; can't wait to see you in just a few short months! (: 

ps topher is also an amazing chef/cook/baker/etc. and he told me that he learned how to make authentic chilean pan from some awesome chilean sisters...aka we're having a chilean fiesta the first week of classes here at byu this fall. i'll make some empanadas con queso and he'll make some pan. everyone's invited. (:

totally tangential thursday.

so one of my favorite blogs to follow, hungryrunnergirl does this thing called "triple tangent thursday" and she just talks about completely random things every thursday. however...my brain thinks too randomly for just three things, so enjoy the following photo montage of random thoughts. (:

1. yesterday my bangs wouldn't cooperate going to the side, so i swept them to the front, just to see much they had grown since i decided to stop getting my hair cut + grow out my straight-across bangs back in february...three months ago. and it looks they haven't grown a single inch. it's clear they must be on a growing strike or something, just to spite me.

2. today i was walking around the hfac and ran across this whole hallway dedicated to art from some local elementary/middle schools in the area. these were surrealist (i think?) collages. done by 8th graders. i wish i was this creative back when i was 14 years old!

3. because the weather was so perfectionary today, we went outside to the moa gardens to do some scenes and have a few discussions for my applied theatre class. we were supposed to really embrace the nature around us in the scenes we created...but i think my friend heidi wins the award for "most in-tune with nature" for this little creation she made during class. ps ignore the pink spot on my hand...i'm still not sure what that's from.

4. today was the first day i rode little red to school! it totally brightened up my day walking outside to see her all hooked up to the bike racks, just waiting for me to come pick her up after class. she's just so cute! the more i ride her around (in the last 24 hours since she's been ride-able), the more i want to sign up for a triathlon; biking is just so fun and running is just so so great. maybe someday i'll learn how to swim and that dream can become a reality.

5. this past week we had our midterm for my directing class, in which each of us (nine) students directed one 3-5 minute scene and acted in two other ones. sadly, i neglected to bring my camera on the day we performed the one i directed, and for one of the scenes i acted in it was too dark for my camera to record. so...if you'd like, enjoy watching me act like a southern hick (lizzie), opposite my friend kyle (starbuck) in a scene from the rainmaker, by n. richard nash, directed by my lovely classmate, laura masterson. (:

i want to ride my bicycle, i want to ride my bike.

so way back when during the summer of 2011, i got my beautiful $20 bike from the 80's thanks to our next-door-neighbors back home in ohio (remember this post?)...and just last night my beatles bff jeffrey (aka the bike doctor) came over to help me fix her up and make her ride-able!

if you do the math on that then that means she has been gathering dust for the past 11 months after i initially bought her...but who's counting?! she's ride-able now and that's more than i could ever ask for. (:

jeffrey flexing his bicycle-fixing muscles:

...and just like that (and about two hours later), she was all cleaned up (thank you, wd-40), greased up, had some new tires + tubes and was ready to go!

we both took her out for a test ride, just for logistical purposes, of course.

thanks again to my bff jeffrey for doing all the work helping me fix her up! (:

i now present to you: my little red. ain't she a beauty? (:

also...just because this is the only song that has been in my head since i have been riding little red around nonstop, here it is for your listening pleasure. note: i do not endorse or recommend watching the official music video...unless you want to see a lot of naked people riding their bikes(?!). you've been warned. i do love the song itself though. :)


mama's day 2012

i'm always slightly behind on blogging about these kinds of celebrations, but i certainly could never completely pass up the opportunity to commemorate the day of the year that recognizes one of my favorite people who is the best at doing what she does: my beautiful mama, astrid carrera. (:

I can't wait to be reunited again for the summer in just a few short weeks 13 days! heaven knows i've been looking forward to spending some great one-on-one time doing what we do best:

having dessert/movie parties every night,

getting dressed up all fancy to go to church together (thanks to mama's amazing fashion sense!), 

heading to the movies to catch up on the latest new-releases, 

and (of course!) learning more about our chilean heritage and making lots of yummy empanadas together! 

so, happy mama's day to my beautiful mama! you are the best mama i could have ever asked for + i can't wait to see you and make so many more memories, so so soon! (: 

i've never really been all that into politics,

minus a minor flare of interest in the fall of my senior year.

in short: i was taking a u.s. politics class to fulfill a history/gov credit and became incredibly interested in the last election i would never be able to take part in (legally). election day in 2008 was november 4th (as always) and my 18th birthday came just exactly one month too late...good ol' december 4th. yeesh. to say i was an angsty teen that year (especially after doing all that political research for once! on the issues and everything!) is a bit of an understatement.

however, thanks to the wall street journal online, i've quite enjoyed dipping into politics just a wee bit by checking up on this little website to see how the republican candidates have been faring since day one. it's exciting to see that (even though everyone knows romney has already clearly won the candidacy) this next round of primaries (texas! may 29th!) will be the one to make it official that romney is going to be rallying against obama for the presidency this fall.

so thank you, wall street journal online. for making politics this year just a little more fun for me to enjoy. (:


favorite shows + some firsts.

three little facts to start us off.
1. i got my first lead role in theatre as little sally in urinetown, the musical in high school (see photo below).
2. little sally is my favorite role ever, and it is my dream to reprise it someday.
3. urinetown is my favorite musical. in the entire history of the world.

needless to say, when this little girl (circa 2008) heard that clearfield high school up by bountiful, utah was staging a production of the aforementioned musical...

she was there in an INSTANT. and loved every moment.

and yes, i am a total nerd and wore my show t-shirt there because i was so excited. no judgement allowed.

a few short weeks later, this same girl had the privilege to attend a free showing of the avengers with her lovely roommates (thanks to deb for the tickets!), starring her #1 favorite superhero, robert downey jr. ironman!

and you'll never guess who she got a picture with on the red carpet after the showing...!! 

ps yes, that is my "overly elated" face. i think i'm in love.

in other news,  fun was had by all (and tickets were won by most) when roommate catherine + (non-roommate) kyle + i went over to the nicklecade to blow off some steam and have some fun...and it was catherine's first time! can you believe it? she loved it. i promise. 

catherine + i also enjoyed our first snow cones of the year, thanks to some little kids who were soliciting our money on the side of the road. thanks, kiddos!

oh! and happy 200th blogpost. (: whee.

running here, there, + everywhere.

once upon a time i ran lots of miles (+ my first half-marathon!) so it was finally time to retire my old running shoes and get some new kicks to prep for my upcoming first (hopefully!) full marathon in three weeks. eek! i got these saucony guide 5's and i love love love them. the color, style, fit, everything. definitely sticking with these babies for awhile.

in the same week, i went to jamba twice to meet up with some old friends (brett, from my cast of 100 dresses last fall, and madison, recently returned missionary friend). and that's more jamba than i've had in the past two years combined. 

and then once upon another time, my roommate and best friend since freshman year, miss micaela jean, decided to move back home to virginia to prepare for serving a full-time church mission! i've never been more proud. she's going to be a stellar missionary, wherever she gets called, i know it! so naturally we had to get some yland (can you blame us?) to commemorate the last time we'll see each other until she's coming back to utah to go into the mtc - talk about crazy!

we also couldn't leave one another without taking a montage of awkward photos...for your viewing pleasure. miss you already roommate (...especially since you've technically already been gone for over a month)! 

see ya in september! 
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