Marathon...Monday! (: - Week #5

Lalala I'm still a bit behind on this, I know, but I'll try to get caught up by the end of the week, deal? (:

I now present the week of March 19th - March 24th!

5th week breakdown (and 11 weeks to go until UVM!):

Monday - 3 mi TM run (26 mins).
Tuesday - 3.5 mi on the bike (15 mins).
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - Rest, rest, rest. I really hurt my ankle on Monday (and am not very nice when it comes to RICE [aka Rest Ice Compression Elevate]...oops), and finally had to suffer the consequences (of not resting when the pain has come on the past couple of weeks).
Saturday -  10 mi TM run (1:30...aka pretty swell for not having run in three days :).

Total running mileage: 13 miles (+ 3.5 mi bike).

Lessons learned this weekDon't rush through workouts. I know I said the same exact thing last week, but it's totally true. It's better (in my personal opinion) to skip a workout entirely (or at least do something less time-consuming) if I find I don't have the time to do it, instead of rushing through a workout, pushing my body beyond what it is naturally capable of doing, and hurting myself.

Maybe that advice will actually stick in the weeks to come, let's hope. (:

MEANWHILE, this week was pretty eventful + fun overall! Check out some of the fun stuff that happened, below!

1. I handed out my 12,000th test at the BYU Testing Center. Can you believe I've talked to that many people in the past four semesters (and then some!)?

2. I got a fun St. Patrick's Day card from Anna that got me SO pumped for my new favorite movie (THE HUNGER GAMES)'s premiere just a few days later...!!!

3. I WENT TO THE PREMIERE OF THE HUNGER GAMES because my awesome roommate, Debbie got us the hookups with free tickets to an early 8pm screening Thursday night...hello, my life is so great! Naturally, Micae + I dressed up like the sisters Katniss and Prim...I think we did an okay job (and yes, I totally was in that costume all. day. long. at school. Don't judge :)!

There was so much at the theatre we went to, just begging us to buy every single item that even remotely related to The Hunger Games. Like a "Mellark Bakery" t-shirt (so close to buying one...you don't even understand) + "hunger cakes"! YUM.

We took lots of pictures while waiting in our (pre-assigned and incredibly awesome) seats! It was kind of a surreal movie premiere experience - we got there about 1/2 hour before the movie started, there were no previews whatsoever, and our seats were assigned so we just walked in and sat in our seats, no waiting in lines for hours on end or fighting over seats or anything. Basically awesome.

Oh, and we can't forget the dramatic MOCKINGJAY necklace picture that just had to be taken...in Anna's honor since she got it for me (;

We met up with some people from the Capitol after our showing ended (around 10:30pm...aka the time everyone else started arriving that was there for the REAL premiere at midnight) - my only regrets? That we didn't stick around longer to see all the other people who were dressed up (SO dressed up!) or at least get more pictures with some of them! This is Effie...aka probably the most well-done costume I saw that night so naturally we got a picture with her. (:

4. Last but not least, I ended the week with my rest day, Sunday (the 25th!) hanging out at my favorite newly-returned missionary, Madison Daniels' homecoming! And with some of my favorite sister's brother-in-laws, too. And yes...I am on my tip-toes in that first one. But it's not so much that I am so short, it's really just that they are so tall - I promise. (:

Just love get-togethers (and yummy food, to boot!). Hope you all have a great week and enjoy the pictures -this means you, Mama! Sorry for taking so long to post them but I hope you can enjoy them now! (:

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  1. oh my wow. "ever" in your favor!! how did i mess that up?!

    i am so ashamed.


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