(Mega) Belated (Marathon Training - Week #3!)

Okay so I know I still have yet to even catch you up on this past week...but we're going to back track just a wee bit more to see the week before last:

Lo and behold, the week of March 5th - March 10th...my strongest week to date (for this training plan, at least)!

3rd week breakdown (and 13 weeks to go at this point until the UV marathon!!):

Monday - 3 mi TM run (27 mins) + stellar ab workout after!
Tuesday - 5 mi TM run (46 mins) with negative splits! + arm workout.
Wednesday - 3 mi TM run (26 mins) + abs.
Thursday - Rest day (slept in and missed spin class...oops!).
Friday - 2 mi OUTDOOR run (15 mins = 7:32 pace!!) aka AWESOME! + abs after.
Saturday -  8 mi "Yogurtland run" (aka down to State Street until I hit 4 mi, then turning around and running back home) (1 hr 9 mins = 8:36 pace!!). Hope I can keep that pace up for my LRs! (:

Total running mileage: 21 miles (+ no bike or elliptical)!

Perhaps you can guess who my best friend was this past week...

Thanks again, Mama + Daddy. Best birthday present. EVER. (:


  1. Lol that garmin is a monsterrrrr but So glad you finally got a recap up!!!! Miss ou and you are doing awesome!!

  2. whoa. is that a watch?!? holy cow.


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