Marathon...Tuesday? Week #2!

Two weeks down! Feeling much much better now than I was two weeks ago, lemme tell ya. Just last night (even though last night is technically in the 3rd week, since it was Monday, but that's besides the point) I was feeling SO strong on the TM...hopefully the weather stays nice so I can play run outside after school sometime this week!

2nd week breakdown:

Monday - Rest day (thank you, pained L ankle + R knee).
Tuesday - 3 mi bike (12 mins).
Wednesday - 2 mi bike (8 mins) + 2 mi elliptical (22 mins).
Thursday - First outdoor UT run since 2012!! 3 mi (28 mins) down to Temple View Dr. + back home.
Friday - 2 mile TM run (18 mins).
Saturday - 7 mile TM run (1 hr 10 mins).

Total running mileage: 12 miles (+ 5 mi on the bike, 2 on the elliptical)

And don't worry, I know you have probably been missing the tri-weekly pictures of my fro-yo designs...so Micae and I went this past week to get our fix and took a picture of my Siamese twin gummy bears just for you.

And yes, just in case you were wondering, the video below sums up just about exactly how I feel about the above picture...

Happy running this week and here's to hoping that your head doesn't slow you down! (:


  1. Haha you do have a little arms and big head :) also those bears are pretty awesome!!!! Congrats On two weeks down how many to go??

  2. omg i love that movie and especially that dinosaur. glad you got some fro-yo...wish we had some around here! so proud of your training too ( :


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