Marathon Friday (just go with it) - Week #4!

You know the drill; here's the week of March 12th - March 17th...the theme for this week was definitely rushed, rushed, rushed. Not my favorite week, but at least that means there's room for improvement, right? (:

4th week breakdown (and 12 weeks to go until UVM!!):

Monday - 3 mi TM run (28 mins).
Tuesday - 2 mi TM run (19 mins), led to some serious R calf pain, so I cut my run short and did 3 mi on the bike instead to finish the workout (10 mins).
Wednesday - Took off as a rest day, wishful thinking that it'd help my calf heal quicker.
Thursday - 3 mi TM run (26 mins) while R calf still felt a bit tense, did lots of foam rolling to help that sucker out and it really seemed to help out a lot!
Friday - 3 mi on the bike (10 mins) because I put it off until later than planned at night after I got back from judging a drama competition and didn't want my legs all too tired for my LR...even though it didn't end up happening until later the next night haha.
Saturday -  Overslept (oops) and ended up having a bit of a rushed circuit workout of 2 mi TM, 1 mi elliptical, 1 mi bike, repeat until I got to 9 mi total for the day (5 mi on the TM total, 47 mins). Not as great as a long run, but thanks to more (wonderful!) time spent in Vernal than planned, I wouldn't have had the time to run the full 9 mi LR before the gym closed...oops.

Total running mileage: 13 miles (+ 8 mi bike + 2 mi elliptical).

Lessons learned this week: Don't rush through workouts. Sometimes it's better not to work out at all (or do something other than running) if I feel like I'm going to work my body harder than I know I should. My legs overall have been more sensitive than they were the last time I was training (more on that in this next week's update), and a lot of that has to do with sleep deprivation. I know that sleep is important to ensure that my body is functioning and able to recover properly from runs and I'd much rather be out of commission running-wise for a few days during training because I was getting the sleep my body needs (hello, 18 credit hours of school and 20 hours of work a week), rather than getting injured and not being able to run the marathon at all come June.

Slow and steady (and safe!) wins the race, right? Especially when it means making the time to go to Vernal for the day and putting off your long run until afterwards so that you can do work in its beautiful temple and spend time with a fabulous couple that you met while there...right?

Exactly. (:

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  1. hah, yeah...sleep is important. get some!!


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