Happyyyy to youuuuuu, Daddy!

Today marks the 51st celebration of this wonderful man's birth: my one + only Daddy!

PS Can you believe that picture was taken a year ago, when we all came out to celebrate the big 5-0?! This will eternally be my favorite family picture...hands down. (:

Even though everyone knows it's always better when we're together (thank you, Jack Johnson), this year it wasn't quite possible for all of us to come together like we did last year...However! That doesn't me we weren't all celebrating our daddy's birthday in whatever ways we knew best! As for me...that meant looking back on all the fun stuff we've done. (:

This past summer especially was really awesome and we did a lot of fun stuff together! From going to shows (both in the park, as well as in the theatre),

To travelling across our beautiful country (and seeing some crazy awesome sights along the way!),

Aaaaaand (you didn't think I was going to forget, did you?!) getting to see SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY in concert together! 

SO so so many fun memories, and (like I said in the card I gave him, and it's true!) they each became some of my very favorite memories, because I shared them with my #1 (and only!) Daddy. (:

So glad I got the chance to talk to you on the phone + Skype today, Daddy! I'm so grateful for all the fun times we've had together and I just know we have plenty more in store over the next several years (+ decades)!

I love and miss you SO, so much and hope you had a stellar birthday!!
See you in three short months! (: 

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