Goodbye, SKRONER (with a side of Monticello and a serving of empanadas).

This past week marked three big events in my life:

1. The SKRONER-mobile, my one and only, has now and forever officially be retired to be the newly-dubbed FLEX-mobile! Guess it fits with all the weights I've been doing lately...right? (;
Oh and just to clear up any confusion, here's the Sparknotes version of the origin of the SKRONER. Basically, all throughout my life I've always wanted a nickname, but no one ever called me anything but "Sarah" (go figure, that was my name, after all). It's not a name you can easily shorten (although later senior year one of my best friends called me "Sar"...but that's another story entirely), so I never was accepted into the official "nickname club."

Fast forward to my senior year when I was in DSHS's Advanced Acting Ensemble...which basically meant that we got to put on one show a semester with just the kiddos in the class + have awesome custom-made sweatshirts + sweatpants. Only problem? Everyone agreed that everyone should all put their nickname on the back of their sweatshirt. My friends, knowing my problem, took it upon themselves to take my sweatshirt form and fill it out without me looking, claiming that they'd "come up with something awesome" for a nickname for me. I trusted them, and four-to-six weeks later, I got the SKRONER sweatshirt.

Fast forward just a wee bit more (I think just like a week or two) when I got in a serious car accident that totaled Ruth + Anna's old car (sorry about that, but it wasn't my fault!), and entitled me to buying a car valued somewhere around $4500...aka highly unlikely.

Fast forward another two-or-so weeks to Daddy + I driving around central Ohio, scoping out anything even relatively close to our price range (as stated above) when, love and behold, we pass by a dealership with two cars on the front lawn: one ridiculously overpriced, beautiful looking SUV-type vehicle, and right next to it, a beautiful, dark blue Saturn XL, with the price tag of "$4500" shining on its windshield. The rest is history. (:

As Billy Joel once put it, "Life is a series of hellos...

...and goodbyes."

I'll never forget you, SKRONER.

2. Micae + I made a trip 4.5 hours down (and another 4.5 hours back) to the south-eastern corner of Utah, also known as Monticello! This is mostly monumental because (although the last picture may be slightly misleading) I drove almost the entire way there + back! Micae drove for maybe twenty minutes...and she did great for that twenty minutes!...but it's crazy to realize I was able to stay awake for that long, since usually I'm a compulsive car-sleeper. That + seeing the ever-famous "Hole-in-the-Rock" house + beautiful Utah scenery + GORGEOUS Monticello, Utah Temple (and do temple work in there!) + spending the day with my best friend = beyond fun. 

3. Miriam (on right) helped me make Chilean empanadas for our ward's "international break-the-fast" - and they were a HIT. Like, they were gone just about as soon as we put them on the table, no joke. Probably should have made more than just 20 with cheese and 5 with cheese + olives, duly noted. This is mostly just an important event because, obviously, it is (even more) proof to me that Chilean food is the best. Always and forever. I love my heritage. The end. (: 

Oh, and the recipe is here in case you want to make some of your own. (: 

...I told you they were great. (: Oh yeah, and the bangs are a thing of the past, probably shoulda mentioned that before...oh, well.

Aaaand eeven though it's only 40-something degrees out, it finally is starting to feel like spring out here, so it's time to catch a run outside. Later. (:


  1. i just love you.
    and i'm stoked for vernal!

  2. Monticello is such a great little town! I was just there this weekend. :)

  3. hah yeah i miss the Chiche but at least your Flex can go with my Lex. they can be bff's. also i love that i posted about empanadas and then came to your blog to see your pics ( :


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