DZP Goal #87: Part 2 - The Unexpected

Once upon a time I decided to actually apply for scholarships seriously. I have applied for 3 different scholarships officially [and have one more application due in April I'm trying to finish up] since I'm going to be "on my own" this Spring Term. The first was the BYU Management Society of Ohio Scholarship, the second was the general BYU scholarship (multicultural scholarship, fingers crossed), and the third was the BYU Theatre and Media Arts scholarship for Talent Awards - aka you tell the Theatre Department all about what you've done in the theatre world in the past few semesters (which for me was only two semesters really participating in the BYU theatre, so I didn't think I had much of a chance).

Lo and behold my surprise when I logged onto my e-mail yesterday afternoon and I saw this little treasure from the Financial Aid Office in there:

Fast forward to .3 seconds later when I opened up my BYU Financial Center message center and saw THIS: 

$341.00!! May seem to some a random amount (and, let's be real, it kind of is), but that random amount means that instead of paying $1140 out of pocket (er...student loans) for Spring Term tuition, now I only have to pay $799!

I feel so blessed lately. The Church is true, everyone. Tell your friends. (:


  1. Yayyyyyy congrats!!! Wow zee that's incredible talk about blessings


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