Marathon Friday (just go with it) - Week #4!

You know the drill; here's the week of March 12th - March 17th...the theme for this week was definitely rushed, rushed, rushed. Not my favorite week, but at least that means there's room for improvement, right? (:

4th week breakdown (and 12 weeks to go until UVM!!):

Monday - 3 mi TM run (28 mins).
Tuesday - 2 mi TM run (19 mins), led to some serious R calf pain, so I cut my run short and did 3 mi on the bike instead to finish the workout (10 mins).
Wednesday - Took off as a rest day, wishful thinking that it'd help my calf heal quicker.
Thursday - 3 mi TM run (26 mins) while R calf still felt a bit tense, did lots of foam rolling to help that sucker out and it really seemed to help out a lot!
Friday - 3 mi on the bike (10 mins) because I put it off until later than planned at night after I got back from judging a drama competition and didn't want my legs all too tired for my LR...even though it didn't end up happening until later the next night haha.
Saturday -  Overslept (oops) and ended up having a bit of a rushed circuit workout of 2 mi TM, 1 mi elliptical, 1 mi bike, repeat until I got to 9 mi total for the day (5 mi on the TM total, 47 mins). Not as great as a long run, but thanks to more (wonderful!) time spent in Vernal than planned, I wouldn't have had the time to run the full 9 mi LR before the gym closed...oops.

Total running mileage: 13 miles (+ 8 mi bike + 2 mi elliptical).

Lessons learned this week: Don't rush through workouts. Sometimes it's better not to work out at all (or do something other than running) if I feel like I'm going to work my body harder than I know I should. My legs overall have been more sensitive than they were the last time I was training (more on that in this next week's update), and a lot of that has to do with sleep deprivation. I know that sleep is important to ensure that my body is functioning and able to recover properly from runs and I'd much rather be out of commission running-wise for a few days during training because I was getting the sleep my body needs (hello, 18 credit hours of school and 20 hours of work a week), rather than getting injured and not being able to run the marathon at all come June.

Slow and steady (and safe!) wins the race, right? Especially when it means making the time to go to Vernal for the day and putting off your long run until afterwards so that you can do work in its beautiful temple and spend time with a fabulous couple that you met while there...right?

Exactly. (:


(Mega) Belated (Marathon Training - Week #3!)

Okay so I know I still have yet to even catch you up on this past week...but we're going to back track just a wee bit more to see the week before last:

Lo and behold, the week of March 5th - March 10th...my strongest week to date (for this training plan, at least)!

3rd week breakdown (and 13 weeks to go at this point until the UV marathon!!):

Monday - 3 mi TM run (27 mins) + stellar ab workout after!
Tuesday - 5 mi TM run (46 mins) with negative splits! + arm workout.
Wednesday - 3 mi TM run (26 mins) + abs.
Thursday - Rest day (slept in and missed spin class...oops!).
Friday - 2 mi OUTDOOR run (15 mins = 7:32 pace!!) aka AWESOME! + abs after.
Saturday -  8 mi "Yogurtland run" (aka down to State Street until I hit 4 mi, then turning around and running back home) (1 hr 9 mins = 8:36 pace!!). Hope I can keep that pace up for my LRs! (:

Total running mileage: 21 miles (+ no bike or elliptical)!

Perhaps you can guess who my best friend was this past week...

Thanks again, Mama + Daddy. Best birthday present. EVER. (:


Happyyyy to youuuuuu, Daddy!

Today marks the 51st celebration of this wonderful man's birth: my one + only Daddy!

PS Can you believe that picture was taken a year ago, when we all came out to celebrate the big 5-0?! This will eternally be my favorite family picture...hands down. (:

Even though everyone knows it's always better when we're together (thank you, Jack Johnson), this year it wasn't quite possible for all of us to come together like we did last year...However! That doesn't me we weren't all celebrating our daddy's birthday in whatever ways we knew best! As for me...that meant looking back on all the fun stuff we've done. (:

This past summer especially was really awesome and we did a lot of fun stuff together! From going to shows (both in the park, as well as in the theatre),

To travelling across our beautiful country (and seeing some crazy awesome sights along the way!),

Aaaaaand (you didn't think I was going to forget, did you?!) getting to see SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY in concert together! 

SO so so many fun memories, and (like I said in the card I gave him, and it's true!) they each became some of my very favorite memories, because I shared them with my #1 (and only!) Daddy. (:

So glad I got the chance to talk to you on the phone + Skype today, Daddy! I'm so grateful for all the fun times we've had together and I just know we have plenty more in store over the next several years (+ decades)!

I love and miss you SO, so much and hope you had a stellar birthday!!
See you in three short months! (: 


Goodbye, SKRONER (with a side of Monticello and a serving of empanadas).

This past week marked three big events in my life:

1. The SKRONER-mobile, my one and only, has now and forever officially be retired to be the newly-dubbed FLEX-mobile! Guess it fits with all the weights I've been doing lately...right? (;
Oh and just to clear up any confusion, here's the Sparknotes version of the origin of the SKRONER. Basically, all throughout my life I've always wanted a nickname, but no one ever called me anything but "Sarah" (go figure, that was my name, after all). It's not a name you can easily shorten (although later senior year one of my best friends called me "Sar"...but that's another story entirely), so I never was accepted into the official "nickname club."

Fast forward to my senior year when I was in DSHS's Advanced Acting Ensemble...which basically meant that we got to put on one show a semester with just the kiddos in the class + have awesome custom-made sweatshirts + sweatpants. Only problem? Everyone agreed that everyone should all put their nickname on the back of their sweatshirt. My friends, knowing my problem, took it upon themselves to take my sweatshirt form and fill it out without me looking, claiming that they'd "come up with something awesome" for a nickname for me. I trusted them, and four-to-six weeks later, I got the SKRONER sweatshirt.

Fast forward just a wee bit more (I think just like a week or two) when I got in a serious car accident that totaled Ruth + Anna's old car (sorry about that, but it wasn't my fault!), and entitled me to buying a car valued somewhere around $4500...aka highly unlikely.

Fast forward another two-or-so weeks to Daddy + I driving around central Ohio, scoping out anything even relatively close to our price range (as stated above) when, love and behold, we pass by a dealership with two cars on the front lawn: one ridiculously overpriced, beautiful looking SUV-type vehicle, and right next to it, a beautiful, dark blue Saturn XL, with the price tag of "$4500" shining on its windshield. The rest is history. (:

As Billy Joel once put it, "Life is a series of hellos...

...and goodbyes."

I'll never forget you, SKRONER.

2. Micae + I made a trip 4.5 hours down (and another 4.5 hours back) to the south-eastern corner of Utah, also known as Monticello! This is mostly monumental because (although the last picture may be slightly misleading) I drove almost the entire way there + back! Micae drove for maybe twenty minutes...and she did great for that twenty minutes!...but it's crazy to realize I was able to stay awake for that long, since usually I'm a compulsive car-sleeper. That + seeing the ever-famous "Hole-in-the-Rock" house + beautiful Utah scenery + GORGEOUS Monticello, Utah Temple (and do temple work in there!) + spending the day with my best friend = beyond fun. 

3. Miriam (on right) helped me make Chilean empanadas for our ward's "international break-the-fast" - and they were a HIT. Like, they were gone just about as soon as we put them on the table, no joke. Probably should have made more than just 20 with cheese and 5 with cheese + olives, duly noted. This is mostly just an important event because, obviously, it is (even more) proof to me that Chilean food is the best. Always and forever. I love my heritage. The end. (: 

Oh, and the recipe is here in case you want to make some of your own. (: 

...I told you they were great. (: Oh yeah, and the bangs are a thing of the past, probably shoulda mentioned that before...oh, well.

Aaaand eeven though it's only 40-something degrees out, it finally is starting to feel like spring out here, so it's time to catch a run outside. Later. (:


Chilean Empanadas

Chilean Empanadas
(Recipe from my Chilean Mama :)

Makes about 12 average-sized empanadas

3 cups flour [give or take a little extra for kneading]
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup cold water [I used a little extra because the dough seemed a bit dry]
egg white
1 tsp vinegar
3 tbsp shortening
1 block of cheese, or any other filling.

Note: The first set of steps = Part One: Just for the dough, then you let it refrigerate for four hours.
Then in Part Two you add in your filling and cook the empanadas.


Part One:
1. Get two bowls, a small and a medium one. 
2. In the small one, beat the water, egg, egg white and vinegar together with a fork. 
3. In the medium one, mix together the flour and salt. then cut the shortening into smaller pieces if you are using stick shortening [if you use shortening from a can like i did then this really isn't an issue] and add it into the flour + salt mix. 
4. Make a little valley/well in the middle of the flour mixture and pour the liquid mixture into the center, then mix everything together with a fork until it all becomes stiff [this is where i added a little extra water, because it seemed a little too dry for my liking]. 
5. Put the dough onto a lightly floured surface and [this is the fun part!] knead it all together until it is nice and smooth and you can fit it into your hand all pretty-like.
6. Wrap your little bundle of joy up in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for at least one hour [but not any more than 24 hours - if you want to make your empanadas later than 24 hours from the time you make the dough, make sure you freeze it instead of refrigerating it or it will get yucky and too hard to work with!].

Part Two:
1. Set up your area where you will be rolling/cutting your empanada dough with some flour. Then unwrap your dough and spread it out on your counter and get to work on rolling it out nice and thin! They should be super-duper thin! Almost paper-like. Just basically as thin as you can get them without them tearing apart (: For a good-sized empanada, make sure it fits your hand. 
2. Once you have all of your dough rolled out and cut up to the size you'd like, then you place your filling on one side of the dough [so you have enough room to fold it over].
3. Using the water, wet the outside edges of each empanada so it will close easier.
4. Fold the empanada dough over the filling and press it down. Then go back and crimp the edges with your fingers or a fork so they are super tight sealed shut!
5. Get a big pot and fill it with like two-inches of canola/vegetable oil for frying. then once it gets mega hot, turn down the heat a bit so you don't fry yourself and then [carefully!] set 1-3 empanadas in the 'fryer' and let them cook about 1-3 minutes on each side - until they are lightly golden brown. Note: It is perfectly normal for them to bubble up like little monsters and make you think they are going to explode in your face. I promise they won't. at least none of mine did. that's just what happens!
6. Place the cooked empanadas into a bowl/on a plate covered with paper towels, so they can soak up the remaining oil and make it slightly healthier.
7. Serve warm, and enjoy! They are perfect for a main dish [like with our family...main food groups = bread and cheese, so this of course was dinner] or even just for a snack the next day! Just put them in the fridge [in a ziplock bag] overnight and you can pop them in the microwave for 10-15 seconds and enjoy them warm!


Marathon...Tuesday? Week #2!

Two weeks down! Feeling much much better now than I was two weeks ago, lemme tell ya. Just last night (even though last night is technically in the 3rd week, since it was Monday, but that's besides the point) I was feeling SO strong on the TM...hopefully the weather stays nice so I can play run outside after school sometime this week!

2nd week breakdown:

Monday - Rest day (thank you, pained L ankle + R knee).
Tuesday - 3 mi bike (12 mins).
Wednesday - 2 mi bike (8 mins) + 2 mi elliptical (22 mins).
Thursday - First outdoor UT run since 2012!! 3 mi (28 mins) down to Temple View Dr. + back home.
Friday - 2 mile TM run (18 mins).
Saturday - 7 mile TM run (1 hr 10 mins).

Total running mileage: 12 miles (+ 5 mi on the bike, 2 on the elliptical)

And don't worry, I know you have probably been missing the tri-weekly pictures of my fro-yo designs...so Micae and I went this past week to get our fix and took a picture of my Siamese twin gummy bears just for you.

And yes, just in case you were wondering, the video below sums up just about exactly how I feel about the above picture...

Happy running this week and here's to hoping that your head doesn't slow you down! (:


Marathon "Monday"...just slightly overdue. Week 1!

So, totally stealing this idea from older sister Ruth, I'm going to start doing updates each Monday to commemorate my 18 weeks of Utah Valley Marathon training! (:

Two Saturday nights previous (2/18..aka two days before marathon training officially was to begin) I finally finalized my marathon training plan...day-by-day. I just kind of like making schedules...a little bit, I guess.

I then started off (Marathon) Monday (2/20) morning reading this lovely "Runner's World Daily Kick-In-The-Butt" quote :

Thank you, Kara. Happy training, indeed! (:

So here's the official first-week breakdown:

Monday - 3 mile TM run (26 mins), abs + arm workout/weights after.
Tuesday - 4 mile TM run (35 mins), legs + back workout/weights.
Wednesday - Rest/recovery day...more on that later.
Thursday - 3 miles on the elliptical (26 mins), lots of stretching.
Friday - 2 mile TM run (23 mins).
Saturday - 6 mile TM run (55 mins).

Total mileage: 15 miles (+ 3 on the elliptical)

Basically, I started the week off feeling great...I mean, come on, I went out on Monday after my run and got my first-ever mani/pedi (February special = only $10 total if you got the two together...um, yes please) with freshman year roommate, Macey. What more could I ask for as a relaxing and casual start to marathon training? 

Oh, that's right...maybe I should have gotten another the next day. Because I started off Tuesday (marathon training day #2, mind you) with three of the following occurring (more or less in this exact order):

1.  A 4 mi early morning TM run, accompanied by some abnormal pain in my right knee during (and remaining pretty unbearable until about Friday)
2. A great (or so I thought) first-ever leg + back workout (which may or may not have resulted in #3 happening in the middle of the school day while I was trying to stretch out the aforementioned knee...)
3. (See picture below, I think it's pretty self-explanatory.)

I rest my case.

DZP Goal #87: Part 2 - The Unexpected

Once upon a time I decided to actually apply for scholarships seriously. I have applied for 3 different scholarships officially [and have one more application due in April I'm trying to finish up] since I'm going to be "on my own" this Spring Term. The first was the BYU Management Society of Ohio Scholarship, the second was the general BYU scholarship (multicultural scholarship, fingers crossed), and the third was the BYU Theatre and Media Arts scholarship for Talent Awards - aka you tell the Theatre Department all about what you've done in the theatre world in the past few semesters (which for me was only two semesters really participating in the BYU theatre, so I didn't think I had much of a chance).

Lo and behold my surprise when I logged onto my e-mail yesterday afternoon and I saw this little treasure from the Financial Aid Office in there:

Fast forward to .3 seconds later when I opened up my BYU Financial Center message center and saw THIS: 

$341.00!! May seem to some a random amount (and, let's be real, it kind of is), but that random amount means that instead of paying $1140 out of pocket (er...student loans) for Spring Term tuition, now I only have to pay $799!

I feel so blessed lately. The Church is true, everyone. Tell your friends. (:
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