Remember Christmastime? (Part 1 of 3)

Remember that one time that my little chunker of a laptop completely shut down on me and so he spent most of January being shipped back and forth between the MicroCenter (getting fixed thanks to my 3-year warranty, thank you very much) in Ohio and my apartment here in Provo?

Alas...I'm finally here to update the world (for the first time in over a month, whoopsie) about everything from Christmastime, onward - ready? Let the pictures begin:

Once upon a time I got my hair cut and finally got bangs because since I was cast in The Hundred Dresses back in April I was told I wouldn't be allowed to cut my hair until the run of the show had ended...8 months later in December. Yikes. So I needed a change. (:

Remember how DK all of a sudden is turning into a real-live young man?! Deep voice, taller stature (taller than me now!!)- the whole nine yards. It's so crazy how much can change in just a few short months!

I also got to see this little (D!) guy running around for the first time in real life - the last time I saw him (back in April!) he was hardly crawling around on two hands, a foot, and a knee (remember how awkwardly he crawled? Oh, the memories...): 

Kron sibs reunionnnnn! We seriously can never get together enough. 

Right after we all got home (at 8pm Saturday night, no less) we had to rush off to the basement to complete some last-minute Christmas gift pictures for Mama + Daddy!

Re-creation of an old awkward sibs photo (too bad I don't have the original...just imagine us all about 12 years younger ;) for Daddy:

And a four-part progression photo for Mama:





Another mega huge highlight of being home: getting to spend some quality time with my #1 favorite nephew, from playing in the tv room to eating yogurt...and bath time and (post-)nap time and everything else in between (: 

The very next day after getting home (Sunday, 12/18) we decided to celebrate Christmas as a family, since Anna wouldn't be able to be in town on actual Christmas day. We enjoyed going to church all together in the morning (and taking a massive amount of pictures right after, typical family activity ;) and then eating dinner together and then on to the rest of the festivities! We enjoyed opening presents with Little D and the Kevs even joined in on the fun, protecting his little present hideout like his life depended on it.

And don't you worry, the snowman poop didn't forget to make its annual appearance inside my stocking. Thanks, Santa!

The next day, Monday, we enjoyed a Krondashian movie afternoon (seeing Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows - looooved it!) and spent the rest of the day with family (and getting official Christmas photos...stay tuned to my next post for those ;).

And, of course, before Anna left to go back to WI we had to be sure we got in at least a handful of Krondashian pictures (thanks to Ruth for the awesome matching Kdash shirts + Mama for the beautiful matching Sunday dresses!). 

Pretty Princess, anyone??

During the rest of the week after Anna left on Tuesday we did lots of family-friendly activities, including going to DK's band concert (can you spot him?? Hint: He's in the back row of the chairs, wearing a Santa hat and wearing a white-ish shirt):

(The "real") Christmas Eve a handful of us went over to hio's equivalent of J-Dawgs (2 Mad Dogs),

+ Ruth and I enjoyed a nice (+ mega muddy) 5-mile run to prepare for even more feasting the next day! 

On Christmas Day (12/25) the highlight by far was getting to Skype with Anna - and amazingly all fit ourselves into a screen shot, I love my family. 

Other highlights included having the extended family over for dinner + musical numbers + gift exchange: including (1) DK's made-up Christmas song (which is fantastic, by the way), (2) Little D enjoying the life out of his favorite present ever (ball!) that somehow ended up working itself into every other picture the entire rest of the night, and (3) DK receiving a mystery 3DS box from his "Secret Santa"...the video really tells it all haha. 

We ended the night cuddled around the TV, watching the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol. I love Christmas (: 

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  1. haha that first pic of you + DK = awesome. and LOLZ at the pic with ruth when it looks like baby d's ball is hitting her right in the face. wish i could have been there for more...maybe next year...


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