Back to BYU Blue.

Christmas ended (I know, over a month ago, cut me some slack) and we all got a good rest at home over the break...but before long it was back to THIS:

Okay, that's Micae's schedule, but just imagine it's mine by adding enough credits to add up to 18.0 and about 15-20 hours a week for work...and that's my life this semester (:

I started off the semester oh, so sweet by working on BYU's Experimental Theatre 24-Hour Theatre Project as a director!

Basically the 24-Hour Theatre Project =
Step One. 5 playwrights are selected and each given three pre-selected titles to choose from and create a 10-minute play based off of. They have from 8pm Friday night until 8am the next Saturday morning to do this.
Step Two. The 5 playwrights show up the next morning (8am) to meet 5 directors (me! + four others :) and they talk over the script. They have from 8am until 9am Saturday morning to do this.
Step Three. At 9am the playwrights go home to sleep and the actors show up (5 for each play) and they are assigned to a director/play and spend the rest of the afternoon memorizing lines, blocking, and rehearsing like crazy (with an hour break for lunch/to get costumes and props). They have from 9am Saturday Morning until 5pm Saturday night to do this.
Step Four. Dinner/getting into costumes/make-up/last minute memorization/words of encouragement takes place from 5pm-6:30pm.
Step Five. At 7pm the house opens for audience members to come watch and at 7:30pm the show begins - hence the 24-Hour part of the project - you take a show from creation to production in under 24 hours!

This was my lovely cast that I got to direct in "Oh My Gouda":

This is our playwright. She is a Freshman who isn't even a theatre OR playwriting major...yet we had the best/most hilarious script EVER. Love it. 

Oh...and it was about cheese. Hence the Wisconsin Cheesehead. Just for you, Anna. (: 

To celebrate getting back to school, the wardies got together and made a huge campfire on Provo Beach from all of our leftover natural Christmas trees...we didn't realize there was a "no fires on the beach" notice until after, I promise (whoopsie!).

Most of the semester thus far has been preparing for KCACTF - aka the Kennedy Center Acting College Theatre Festival - which I got nominated to participate in due to my acting in The Hundred Dresses!

PS In case you missed my obsession with Dresses all last semester...here's the quick four-month blogger recap:

Also enjoyed at the beginning of this semester was a nice trip to Pantrucas with some of my favorite fellow Chilean returned missionaries! Aaron + his Asian cousin, Ashley.

Um. YUM. I miss Chilean bread. That is all. 

Fast forward to January 23rd...aka Chinese New Year + Monday night + my night to cook dinner for the roommates = Getting Panda Express/Chinese food to share (: 

Also enjoyed whipping up some baked goods in the past few weeks:

BYU-Style Mint Chocolate Brownies (click here for the recipe!) 

Barbecue Cups (click here for the recipe!) 

My lovely roomies + I worked together to create the most awesome missionary care package ever - for a dear friend + his companion who are currently serving in Oklahoma City, OK. It was both of their birthdays this past weekend and one of them was celebrating his 3/4 mission mark, the other his 1/2 mission mark - if that doesn't call for a celebration package, I'm not sure what does! 

AAAAAAAAND FINALLY (the moment I know you've all been anxiously waiting for...): We broke our Yogurtland fast (for those of you that didn't know - we gave it up for the entire month of January...it just about killed us. And by us I mean me.)!!

PS Don't worry this was Micae's, not mine... we all know I pile on way more toppings than that ;) I just had already mixed all mine up by the time I remembered to take a picture but Micae's looked pretty still so a shot of hers will have to suffice.

...I was just slightly happy to be back. 



  1. oh these posts always make me miss you and miss utah!!! how is your training going?? sorry i always forget to comment but you know how life is with dustin... think you can plan a week stay with us for vacay once we get settled somewhere?? we should find out where next month eeee

  2. yeah i am pretty sure i just gained ten pounds by reading this post. all those desserts look amazing! glad you are having fun and i want to hear all about it when you get baaack!!!

  3. YUM! love the cheese head, the chilean bread and of course the other delicious food you made. looks like we are all related somehow ( :


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