So about a week + a coupla days ago (February 4th) the day was marked as celebration of one of my favorite older sisters' birthdays (the big 2-5!)! (PS I promise I only have two favorite sisters...the other one's b-day recap is here :)

Here are some of the many, many reasons I love my older sister Miss Anna Banana:

#10 - She loves going on adventures with me - from hurricane simulating (literally whenever we get the chance), to zoo trips, to crazy hair days, to national park exploring, to (although not pictured) H&M excursions, to baseball games (and catching foul balls!!) and everything in between.

#9 - She knows how to have a great time - from taking me to get Chinese for the first time (eternally grateful to you for that one), to introducing me to the wonders of mac 'n' cheese (Wisconsin-bred) pizza, to the proper way to construct a rockin' gingerbread graham cracker house, to partying it up for the new year (and yes, everything in between)! 

#8 - EVERYONE LOVES HER. Obviously I love her regardless of this fact, but I guess my point here is, seriously, what's not to love about Anna??

Okay, so he was having a bad day. But just a second later he was so happy to be in Anna's arms, I promise (PS remember when he was this tiny??). 

#7 - She is so fun to spend the holidays with. Even though we are currently living our lives approximately 1504.28 miles apart (yes, I did MapQuest it), we still manage to spend the holidays together - - and have a blast doing it (in whatever amount of time we may have) - - and take lots of holiday-appropriate (and sometimes intentionally awkward) photos in the process (including our newest addition - the anniversary dessert photo ;).

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2010

Christmas/New Year's 2011

#6 - Um. She jumps into crazy photos with DK + I without us even needing to ask. (: 

...and doesn't mind posing with her Pretty Pretty Princess jewelry as an official Krondashian sister, either. (: 

#5- She is a BEYOND stellar chef/cook/pastry chef extraordinaire. Two years ago she sent me the most delicious birthday package - - specially individually wrapped pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (!!) - just check out the beautiful faces she picked out just for me (;

#4 - Well, I'd love her regardless of this fact as well, but let's face it - - She's FAMOUS. Multimedia Journalist for WAOW in Wausau, Wisconsin. Check her out (: 

#3 - Okay, and I'd be lying if I didn't say that one of the things I love most about Anna is how well she keeps with traditions (remembering dates/times/places/etc.) - - especially since she's kept the "snowman poop for Christmas" bit going for over a decade now...it never gets old. Trust me.

Christmas 1999 

Christmas 2011 

#2 - On top of keeping with tradition, even though she is so crazy busy all the time, she is still so great at keeping in contact with those she loves - - namely us, her family, duh. (:

Aaaaand last but most certainly not least, #1 - She's an incredible example to me of what it means to be a hard worker, a stellar friend, and a fantastic sister, always there to talk/listen to me, whenever. (:

Happy 25th birthday, Anna Banana!
I love + miss you so so much and hope it was a fantastic day! A big XOX until we are reunited once more (:


  1. ahhh love all the photos!! love you surah!! even if dustin did just try to eat the marshmellows off the comp screen! :)

  2. I love her for all those reasons too :)So cute!


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