2011: A Year in Review

So, totally stealing this idea from Ruth (thanks sister :), the following is the year 2011 in review - the highlights!, from my perspective.

Started off right in January by running my first 5K of the new year in Ohio on 1-1-11 (and getting my first-ever age group award: 1st place! Probably mostly because all the other kids my age were completely hung-over, but I'll take it :), and enjoyed a visit from Anna to Utah, as well as being a part of the technical crew for BYU's production of Peter Pan.

February brought some exciting adventures in my make-up class, a 3-day weekend trip with some friends up to Sun Valley, Idaho, and a visit to the Midway, Utah ice castles (such a pretty sight!). 

Enjoyed my third 5K of the year with Ruth in March, then jetted off to Ohio to celebrate Daddy's 50th with the rest of the family, ending with a visit from the best friend Sara from Ohio for her spring break (especially fun since I got to experiment on her for my make-up class and show our OSU pride:)! 

April was a bit bitter-sweet, getting to enjoy General Conference with Jeff and his sister, Sarah, then having to say goodbye to Ruth (for an undetermined amount of time, at that point) and my #1 older brothers (Dan, Jeff + Jared) who were all graduating and (supposedly) going to be leaving before I returned in the fall. ):

May was filled with adventures, from visiting my super-famous tv-reporter sister, Anna in Wisconsin on my way back to Ohio to spend the summer running some more (with Colin!) and taking DK to see his first real off-Broadway show with Daddy.

In June, we somehow convinced DK to run his first official race (a 1-miler, but he did great!) and I even managed to score a 2nd place finish in my age group. I worked and worked my life away with my Bob's besties, and by the end of the month, our little Ohio-family of four was ready for a much-deserved roadtrip+vacation to the beach!

We stayed in Myrtle Beach through the end of June and on into July, celebrating our great nation's birth whilst there. Then we headed back in time to celebrate DK's morphing into a teenager(?!) and catch some Shakespeare in the Park.

August was probably the most eventful month of all, with a great visit to Ohio from Anna, SEEING SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY IN CONCERT (I am still on cloud nine from this...highlight of the summer/year/my entire life by far! :), and making the 2,000+ mile trek out to Utah in my little baby blue Saturn with Daddy, stopping at many great nation/religious landmarks (Nauvoo was especially special) - a close second for the highlight of the summer! 

Before I knew it, it was September and I was back out at BYU (and two of my three older brothers were still living in Provo, to my great delight!): enjoying my new church calling as the ward historian/photographer, going crazy with Emily after catching the guitarist's pick at the OneRepublic concert, and finally getting to know my The Hundred Dresses cast with the millions of hours we spent rehearsing, and eventually starting the run of our show in elementary + middle schools! 

October had three main highlights: getting closer with my 100 Dresses cast (and performing on a BYU stage for the first time in my life!), running my first-ever half-marathon in Layton (and finishing in 1:51:45 AND second in my age group!), and Halloweening it up with my roommates and fellow wardies as Dora the Exploradora (after returning from a very memorable weekend trip to St. George to go to the temple there with Micae)! 

In November, I continued to bond with my lovely 100 Dresses cast best friends through all of our performances and touring together (boy club!), and also hosted my own little Thanksgiving party (with roommates Katherine + Miram) for a few of our fellow wardies who were Provo-bound for Thanksgiving break (and the first-ever turkey I cooked was delicious, thanks for asking!). We ended the month right by setting up my first-ever Charlie Brown natural Christmas tree in our little apartment, very excited for the holiday to arrive!

December seems to have flown by so quick, with celebrating my official induction into the adult club (21 years!), the end of final exams, working almost 40-hours at the Testing Center, and, sadly, therefore the end of our 2.5-month long run of 100 Dresses, and heading back home for the holidays to spend with my beautiful family, all reunited once more. (: 

Looking back now, I realize that 2011 was quite good to me: leading me to many firsts (age group awards, race distances, college-level acting opportunities, and so on). I also found out at the very end of December that I was nominated (based on my performance in The Hundred Dresses) to go to KCACTF (The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival) in February to compete for the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship, among some of the best actors from the past two seasons here at BYU!! I am BEYOND pumped, and can't wait to just go to the conference and be surrounded by so much inspiration and talent for something I am so passionate about.

I have so many resolutions for the new year (including my 2012 Running Resolutions), most of which are very personal, but as I feel like sharing them for the general public on here, I very well may throughout the coming year. (: Just know that I am so so pumped for 2012 and everything it will be bringing...especially (fingers crossed) the successful completion of my first and (toes crossed) second marathons this summer and fall!

I trust you, 2012. Bring it on. (:


DZP Goal #62: Consider myself comfortably fluent in Spanish

I never thought this day would come, but now that I have successfully completed (+ passed!) a Spanish 321 (returned missionary-level) course at BYU, I think I can finally say that I would be able to survive on my own for at least a bit if I was somehow dropped off in a Spanish-speaking country or something. (:

I know I probably will never be able to consider myself fully "fluent", but taking that class last semester was a huge step for me: I skipped the transition course and took it entirely as an elective course (I had already fulfilled the foreign language requirement for my GE's) - so it was definitely a challenge. But I loved every moment. Just love Spanish!


2012 Running Resolutions

So I kind of have a ton of goals for this coming year (all reasonable + fully achievable, I believe), and some of the ones I'm most excited about are my running (!!) goals. Here's a sneak peak of what I'll be up to for the wonderful year of 2012 (race-wise):

1. The 34th Annual 30K Winter Running Series in Salt Lake City, UT. This is a series of three races (for one flat fee of $40!): a 5K (3.1 miles) one week, a 10K (6.2 miles) two weeks later, and a 15K (9.3 miles) two weeks after that. I thought this would be such a fun way to start off the new year - especially since I've never run a 10K or 15K before.
Dates: January 28th (5K), February 11th (10K), and February 25th (15K)

2. The Spring Runoff in Gunnison, UT. This is a half-marathon (13.1 miles) that I'm going to be running as my half-way point in my marathon training program.
Date: April 14th

3. The Utah Valley Marathon (!!!) starting in Wallsburg, UT and ending at Provo Tabernacle Park. This is going to be my first-ever full marathon (26.2 miles)!! And I am BEYOND excited (and a little nervous/anxious/etc.).
Date: June 9th 

4. (Granting that I complete my first marathon and am still in love with running afterwards...) The Layton Marathon in Layton, UT (starting at Antelope Island and ending in Layton City). This is going to (hopefully) be my second full marathon (26.2 miles)...which will be special to me since this is where I ran my first half marathon this past fall. I loved the scenery, the weather, the distance, and the race overall. So hopefully I'll still love it after double the mileage! 

I'm already registered for the Winter 30K Series and just signed up a couple of days ago for the Utah Valley Marathon...I can already tell this is going to be a spectacular year. Bring it on, 2012. (: 

Goodbye December (:

1st - things are looking up. (:
2nd - elephants.
3rd - proposed! (:
4th - 21; finally legal! (;
5th - feetish.
6th - final dresses meal. ):
7th - "it will be ready when it's readyyyyyy..!!"
8th - last day of dresses! ):
9th - sleepy sue.
10th - holy service-able.
11th - running 100's.
12th - finalsfinalsfinals.
13th - 2.5 hours later = bliss. (:
14th - show it, show it, show it. (;
15th - getting it together.
16th - DONE!*()*#() ; let's go home! (:
17th - hellllllooooooo, ohio (family)!!
18th - merry (early) christmas from the kron's. (:
19th - fambamhamjam.
20th - cleanedUP!
21st - hope(fully) devoted to you. (:
22nd - that buster.
23rd - perfect timing. (:
24th - ultimate confession/feliz navidad a ti!
25th - it won't be long, yeah yeah yeah. (:
26th - hP 4eV.
27th - right back in time. (:
28th - quality time.
29th - love letters from m to d. (:
30th - annatime!
31st - happy new year! (:
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