Third Annual at Skyview #1

So my roomies and I like to bake. A lot. And we do it all time. All. The. Time. So we decided a couple months back to put our brains (and baking abilities) together and to good use and initiate a monthly baking party - aka a chance for us to show off our skills and invite our friends over for them to indulge and increase their sugar intake for the day by 1000%.

The spread:

Christmas Bread by Katherine (seriously tasted just like Christmas...it was bizarrely delicious) 

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies by Micae 

Brownies by Micae 

Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats (with peanut butter M&Ms on top...perfection) by Miriam 

Anddd I just had to use the totally awesome new cookie cutters Mama sent me in my birthday package to make some Christmas themed sugar cookies!

Step one: Make dough and cut it out. 

Step two: Put cookies on greased baking sheets and cook for 10 minutes-ish. 

Step three: Set up an icing/sprinkle decoration station for the party-goers (thanks again to Mama for the sprinkles + icing from the birthday package!). 

Step four: Set out cookies. Step back and watch the others indulge. 

My roommates and I just loved showing off our goods for our friends (no pun intended). We are kind of an eccentric bunch, if you couldn't tell...

We can be normal when we need to be, though. (;

And just in case you were doubting our friend-making abilities (thanks to the previous mega-awkward photos I just posted for everyone in the world to see), I will have you know that we have a pretty strong fan base for us and our monthly deliciously-baked-goods parties. And I promise most of them are even good friends with us in real life, too.

Once the festivities ended (aka time for ward prayer came along), we went to ward prayer + then us roomies quickly returned for our not-so-secret (because by like a week ago we had already figured out who everyone had, haha) santa gift exchange. (:

First, Debbie got a cute hat from Micae.

Then, Micae got some awesome Christmas socks from me. (: 

Next, I got the best gift ever - aka $15 to Yogurtland from Miriam...buried underneath a bunch of packing peanuts hahaha. (: 

Miriam got a cute sweater t-shirt from Debbie

Karmila got a stylish scarf from Katherine

And Katherine got some cute jewlery, candy, + scarves from Karmila

We had tons of fun shopping for one another and celebrating together one last time before finals/heading home for winter break. I think the thing I love most about my roommates is how natural we can all be around each other...

Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays from my beautiful roommates + I in Skyview #1! (: 


  1. um remember how we have more goodies than we can poosibly imagine?!?! man if not i would say we should be baking... but i think running together is the better choice lol :)

  2. hah as if you need an excuse to cook. me and my roommates tried to use christmas cookie cutters with chocolate chip cookie dough once and it was a total disaster. yours look way better ( :


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