They say it's your (my 21st!) birthday...!

Editor's Note: I preface this post by warning you that there are many smiley faces used all throughout. But I'm a happy person and talking about one of the happiest days of the year for me - - so cut me some slack, bear with me, and read on! Please. (:

SO this year I had the most spectacular birthday yet, thanks most especially to a certain Mama Rica who sent my quite the fantastic birthday package!! And especially because she is the whole reason (thanks in part to Daddy, as well, obviously) I am here today documenting the celebration of my birth (duh!). (:

(No, none of these yummy empanadas were in the package, but I'm sure we will be cooking/baking some yummy things when we are reunited once more in just ten more days!! (: )

I feel kind of bad saying this...but I totally neglected to take a picture of the package with everything in it before taking everything out - - I got a little too excited, I guess. (: But you can see evident in the rest of the pictures all of the fun stuff she sent along!!

Sunday, December 4th, 2011 started off like any other typical Sunday. Except this morning I was 21 (even though not technically until 8:19pm, mind you)! AKA finally legal to...eat as much frozen yogurt as I want!! Right? (:

I started off the day at the ripe hour of midnight - - when I got a call from nowhere else but Wausau, Wisconsin from the ever-famous Anna Carrera wishing me a happy birthday!! How I got so lucky, I'll never know. (: For the record - she was the first official one! It was so great to hear her voice and chat for just a bit before I went to bed. 

(Side note: Sara Whitacre was the first for "Ohio time" - - wishing me a happy birthday at 10pm Utah time (: Thanks bestie!)

Once I finally got to bed and then woke up several hours later, I walked downstairs to find this gloriousness of birthday decorations (thanks to Mama for the balloons and banner!):

Katherine + Miriam, the sisterly duo of wonderful interior decorators, posing with their masterpiece.

I started off the "real" morning by taking a quick shower and then Skype-ing with my wonderful Ohio family (Mama, Daddy, Ruth, DK, + Dustin...Drew + the Kevs were there in spirit, I'm sure) and opening the wonderful cards and presents they sent to me!!

Awesome present from Ruth (which I cannot reveal what it is at the present moment in time...but you'll all find out over winter break (; )

Totally fab socks from DK - now I won't forget when it's Friday, Friday - - right Danoo? (;

A BEAUTIFUL necklace from Daddy with my birthstone in the middle (sorry it's kind of blurry)!

And, of course, a gorgeous + glittery tank top from Mama!

Then it was time to open my presents from Micae (who was my photog for this entire event) - - an awesome Beatles t-shirt (which she will probably be stealing sometime soon) and a perfectionary friendship mug!

How grand. I am so blessed. (: 

After getting all dolled up, I headed off to church with my lovely roommates for the 3-hour-block, where the highlights were (1) testimony meeting (duh) and (2) being sung "Happy Birthday" by/while standing in front of the entire Elder's Quorum during the second hour. So fun. (: I think I was sung to a record 5 times by the time the day was through!

After church was over, we headed back to our apartment to cook a pizza for Break the Fast, and then some yummy cupcakes (thanks to Mama for the mix, icing, sprinkles, liners, and Hershey's Kisses - - more to come on that later + pictures). We went to Break the Fast briefly, and then headed back home to collect ourselves before heading over to the Bishop's for devotional. It is always so neat to hear from our leaders and it was even cooler because we got to get a sneak preview of some of the new bible movies that the Church has started coming out with. I couldn't figure out how to put a video on the blog, but if you click on the link above it will take you to the website and I highly recommend watching (well, all of them!) but especially "A Gift to the World" under the second heading, "Other Videos." It is incredible and tells the Christmas story in a brief but meaningful way, based on the teachings from the New Testament. (:

After watching the devotional, our wonderful Bishop's wife (Sis. Zachrison) decided to bake us cookies and hot cocoa so we would stay a little longer, obviously. (; SO yummy and so worth staying for to fill our tummies while we chatted about what we had just seen.

Eventually we left Bishop's house and drove home to really get our party started by, firstly, putting on all the cute little tiaras that Mama sent us. (:

PS Remember how I have the most gorgeous roommates on the face of the planet?!





We got right to decorating our yummy cupcakes (that we pushed Hershey's Kisses into the middle of each of them with a few minutes left for them to bake in the oven...a genius idea, if I do say so myself) with all the icing + sprinkles galore that Mama sent us (thank you thank you thank you!)!

Yummmmm. PS as I'm writing this, there are only four cupcakes left (because I told my roommates I had to get a picture of them). I have full confidence that they will be gone by tomorrow. (:

So, after I got my drink on (I did turn 21, after all)... (PS for all of you about to judge me: I promise this is not a real alcoholic beverage...just yummy celebratory Martinelli's, of course (: )

Our other amigos arrived and sang to me as I blew out my candles and made my sweet, little wish (ahem...thanks Mama (: ). PS I know it looks like those candles are about to fall over (and that I am probably trying a little too hard to blow them out), but I promise you that I did blow them out. And they did not fall off my cupcake. It just made for a really great action shot, okay?

After the singing and consuming of many-a-cupcake (and pictures with my besties),


Jeff + Jared 

...we got a nice big group shot, with ALL of the tiaras being used (thanks for bearing with me on this one, fellas)! 

Debbie, Miriam, Katherine, Micae, me, Jared, Jeff, Reesa, Spencer

PS For those of you keeping score at home...Jeff + Reesa got engaged the night before my birthday!! I am proud to say that I (along with Jared, Spencer, and Jeff's little sister, Sarah) took part in the proposal process and it was indeed a success. Mostly I just invited them over so I could congratulate them (and see the ring, obviously!).

Thanks again to Mama for all the cute decorations/food/presents/cards/etc. that she sent along to me to make this birthday fantastic!! And, again, for going through labor and carrying me around nine months before that and loving me and caring for me through this day. And, of course, a special shout-out to Daddy for financing everything (literally...practically everything in my life from pre-birth to everything in the birthday package + shipping), providing for and loving and caring for me always. Best parents award go to you both, obviously! (:

Sooo...another year down, many more to come, I hope. Thanks so so SO much to everyone for all their birthday wishes/texts/e-mails/Facebook messages/wall posts/phone calls/personal visits/singing/shouting/&etc. You all made my day that much more fantastic. I can honestly say that I fully believe that 21 is going to be a very good year. (:


  1. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  2. yay 21 is awesomeeeeeeeeeee. love you and glad you had such a happy day...kdash reveal in a few weeks!!!!! cant wait. i will be running circles aroundt he airport when you get here :) lvoes!


    also those socks are awesome.


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