Saying goodbye to all my Dresses.

These past few weeks have just been so so crazy what with wrapping up school, finals, and (perhaps most significantly) the semester-long run of BYU's The Hundred Dresses. Among much travelling to our last few elementary school performances, we also:

1. Sorted a thousand (actually about 1800, to be exact) dresses,

(But really just played dress-up in the process :)

Brett, my co-actor (Willie Bounce)

Katherine, our dramaturge (aka the person who deals mainly with the research/development of the show)

Also pictured: LaVon, our stage manager

2. Donated many of the aforementioned dresses (click here to read that story on that),

Cali (co-actor) and I at the Women of the World (WOW) event

Us with some of the women at the conference who accepted our donations (also pictured: Leah on the far right, another co-actor) 

Julia, our faithful director, being interviewed for KSL 

Us with the leaders from WOW 

3. We braided our hair (meaning Cali braided mine) a million more times,

(Hellooooooo perfect braids! :)

4. And finally, we set-up for and performed our last show on Thursday, December 8th (not to mention that we took our last trip in our favorite 10-passenger van!).

Beau (Jack)

Hayley (Peggy) 

Cali (Miss Mason/Maddie's Mom) 

Cali, Hailey (Cecille), Leah 

Caitlin (our assistant stage manager) and Hayley 

Alex (Mr. Petronski (my dad in the show!)/Old Man Svenson) 

Brett, Beau, and Leah in the back; Hailey, me, and Cali in the front

Oh my WORD, I honestly can't even begin to describe what an incredible journey this has been, working on this show the entire past semester. It has been hard and, at times, very stressful, but it has been by far one of the most inspiring things I've had the grand opportunity and blessing to be a part of. (:

I have fallen in love with my cast (+ director and stage managers) over and over and over again...especially with getting the chance to work with them all so closely and learn so much about them as individuals through the past few months we've spent together.

I love them all so much. I love this show. It has been such a crazy, but beyond rewarding ride.

I can hardly believe that this chapter in my theatre career is already over, but it has been so great and I have learned so much. My love, passion, and respect for this art in particular has only grown and deepened as a result. 

But as this chapter closes, that only means the start of a new one. And with all of the knowledge and friends that this show has brought me, I can't hardly wait to see what is in store for me next. (:

"A Hundred Dresses. All lined up." (:

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  1. oh my dresses. love this! you guys totally made a difference -- that's what life's all about.


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