Remember how I have an awesome older sister...?!
Well, you're right. I have two. (: But one of them actually celebrated a birthday yesterday!

Let me take a moment to tell you all about how awesome Ruth is and a few of the reasons why I love her oh, so much.

1. She loves to party with me (you know, when we aren't separated from each other with thousands of miles in between us) from going to sports events together, running (!), attending holiday functions together and planning for other ones - - and all kinds of other things!

2. She loves making an effort to spend time with family and friends and always helps to plan events to bring every one together.

2a. She loves each of us, even when we were (still are for me, clearly) going through some of our awkward phases...aka I really just wanted an excuse to get some old school family pictures up here. (;

3. Umm a year and a half ago she birthed the cutest little D (aka child) in the entire WORLD. For ever and ever. At least until another niece/nephew comes along. (:

4. She is one of my favorite Kardashian sisters. Also forever and ever. No exceptions to that one though. (:

5. Along those same lines, she is the best oldest-est sister ever and always makes sure we communicate (via Blogger, texting, calling, Skyping, etc.) in some way shape or form, even though us sibs (even though we might not look a thing alike...) are typically in at least three different states at any moment in time.

6. Last but certainly not last, I kind of have to love her since we share a birthday week. (; I don't think we ever celebrated our birthdays together until I came out to BYU (and who knows when we'll ever be able to again in the future), but last year she made sure we hung out and celebrated our milestone birthdays together and that meant a whole lot. (:

There are only like, infinity+ other reasons why I love Ruth so much, but these are a few of the more basic reasons. (: I wish we could spend more birthdays (and time in general) together and I miss her so much since I haven't seen her since APRIL (waaaah) but I look forward to being reunited with her + the rest of the fam for one big Christmas celebration together in just 16 days!!!

PS in case you missed it - - she got the best birthday present EVER from her hubs, Drew, yesterday. I am SO so envious but she totally deserves this and I am so so pumped to track her while she runs Boston 2012!!! Maybe one day we'll run a marathon together...Boston 2014 perhaps?! (;

Love you, Ruth!! Hope you had a stellar birthday! Can't wait to see you soon. (:


  1. ahaha awww surah you are too too sweet!! I stole like half those pictures :) also... totes miss gatito!!!! what a cutie pie. thanks for the shout out and i would say 2014, but I will probably either be having a baby that year or just have had a baby so... maybe 2015??? we can see if drews dad can pull out a super miracle and get us both in! aaaand you are too too sweet. i cant wait to see you and it has truly been too loong. we need to start racking up some frequent flyer miles or something. call me when you get your present!!! (and dont tell anna!!!)

    slash sarah: you're wrong. you and your siblings do look alike. the end:)


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